White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Oomaha of the Underworld, Share the Heart and Tears, the Roots that Show Us How to Bare!

[Snake Priest (circa 1900)]

Image: Snake Priest (circa 1900). The Hopi believe that the snake Dance ensures adequate spring water for themselves and rainwater for their crops. Snakes are seen as emissaries to the underworld, and it is believed they will deliver the message for the Hopi. Snakes represent the law of love that binds the realms together.
My dearest Mother (WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman, your TwinDeerMother),

Beloved White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound, 
cw:  White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother inline response between lines

I understand that you're very busy. 
cw: Yes, very busy and I can only imagine it getting busier.  This last week has exhausted Holiness David and I with many homeless on the streets needing assistance. We have been praying and embracing, those who will receive us.  Many simply don't know how to ask or simply express bad manners, because of their internal pain. Forgiveness fire ceremonies my Brother, is what we need teach the world, in order for them to survive.    

But I request again your thoughts and insights to the meditations below. 

cw:  Thank you for asking again.  I am busy, and even sometimes miss emails.  So I really appreciate when people of the Rainbow Clan ask again. I am always happy to answer questions, interpret visions and sing songs, when I have time.  Those who ask again and again, remember that they are seekers to the divine knowledge of God.
I felt myself pulled deeper and deeper into the earth, through all the physical layers and into a realm elsewhere. Though all the time I knew I was lying on my bed, in my room.  It was like being in 2 places at the same time.  
cw:  Remember, that we (humans) are beings of two worlds, heaven (blue road) and earth (red road) which means we carry a soul (heaven) and flesh (earth).  When our soul is in flight (dreams, visions) we tend to leave our bodies (flesh), to experience another realm (soul flight).  With the laws of love, we must learn to move like snakes, which means, we need move back and forth between realms of consciousness (heaven and earth).  This allows us to become integrated human beings, following the flow of the stream (crystalline stone river). This teaches us to use our hearts and our embrace with our fellow relatives in our lives.
cw:  In the inner world of heaven and earth (halls of consciousness) we all belong to the realms of four directions (realms, blue-black, red, yellow, white).  Each carry counsels and communities that guide and teach us (sharing) on our path of Oneness. For some reason, I feel uncomfortable going to experience your vision.  I am bringing snakes with me to bring law (of love) to the lower heaven. There will be understanding now.
I was in a huge cavern, lots of other people, were like me, queing up by our roots. 
cw:  Alright snakes everywhere.  Law is here.  Let's go look at this cavern that represents the womb of the world.  Hope you are okay, we all just passed through you, it must of felt like the wind, for it was only a moment in time, that should of purified your being.   Okay, straight down the earth, roots are tangled every which way.  Crossing and knowing the path of the journey.  The roots cover the cavern womb and go around the space, like a whirlpool in a river, moving by stationary.  
cw:  Snakes are moving to the roof. There is a diamond on the top of the roof of the cavern.  It is extremely dim.  I would of missed it, but the snakes found it. The diamond opens up like a mouth, that tried to eat or move like a mouth, but didn't understand the movement, more like it was instinct, you know like when we yawn.  This was the way in "destruction". And this brings in a new world for the child to blossom and grow. 
cw:  I see the people and it seems that the roots are bound to them by their feet and on the bottom of the cavern.  Some float about attached to the roots.  These are children (people) getting ready for birth (a light from within, born again in the spirit).  The people keep popping up and down from the underworld by the roots.  Like the beginning of understanding.  To be queued up to understand lower heaven knowledge.  This is ancient knowledge, from the path of the fire and shadows.  This realm (lower heaven) holds the dance and song as the highest ceremony.  None can do better.  This is their purpose, to continue the beat of our spiritual heart.
cw:  It is a Magenta person like yourself, that needs understand, that this is what we as humans need realize to have our birth into a new age, we must learn the "Song and Dance".  You as the Great Caretaker, must teach the world of integration in our lives, to know and understand our own awakening, through the "song of heaven and the dance of earth". Over rolling hills we do flow, only to make things grow.  It is the mouth, that speaks our hearts and the mouth that masticates. Both provide sustenance of our lives.  As humans we are quite able to share our defeats and our joys, but we need open up to the realization of our dreams, that we can open a new world, when we only wait, listen and learn (blue road of the heart and soul), while we seek for eternal knowledge (red road of the flesh and binding).  Sounds contradictory, but both happens at the same time.
cw:   It is a time for beginnings and ends.  With the mouth, we destroy life to transform it again into building blocks for other life forms.  With our mouth, we can also destroy life, when we say hurtful and unkind words towards others.  But most of the time, people will say things, that are from their perspective, not realizing another does or doesn't understand us. This is why we need learn "VALIDATION".  This is a type of reverberation that is the spiritual embrace of heaven.  When we connect the beginning to the end, we complete the circle of life. We are united with the underworld, over world, inner world, outer world and we feel complete, shining like a star in heaven.  This is the path that humans are beginning to understand (realization) and are part of eternally.  The mouth can be used, to embrace other's fears and teach the universal law of love. This transposition (an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change, to change from one form to another) is being shown to you. We are becoming enlightened beings who transverse realms of consciousness, to hold the very fabric of life in our mouth. It is time to complete the circle of life. 

After a short time, the roots pulled me in front of a panel of very young \ very old (very,very old) children. They were ancient. There was 5 of them, 3 boys and 2 girls of varying skin colour. They said I was allowed one question, and whatever it was, they would answer.
cw: Looking for the ancient young ones.  Three boys appear.  And the girls I ask, where are the girls?  They tell me, that the girls are afraid of me (I bring law of love that purifies all dark space of heaven).  Please tell the girls to bless themselves, so they may see me.  One girl appears.  She says, the other two girls are purifying, the stream of girls seem endless.  They are showing me the stream of heaven we are part of. Okay, where are the other two girls now, I ask? They will be right with us, the girl says.  I am leaving unless they appear right now, I said.  The other two girls come out from the shadows and the rocks.  Let's let the snakes clean up your blood (purify). Okay, now, White Willow was brought here.  You gave him one question and he inquired about you.  He cared for you first before himself.  Why did you limit him. 
They said (boy on the left), "we thought he could not understand, and we did not want to give him too much information. He needed to seek a path of continuity, with the song and dance path.  We could not show him the song and dance, but the awakening of this path.  We the children of the underworld, want birth and rebirth, sow we can all be part of the eternal world, we are entering." I said, "Alright, I understand, and I am sure he will too, but it is important to teach beings with the reflection, like the shadows on the wall.  It is the reflection that provides us with a sacred path of the eternal fire.  The girl to the center of the three said, "We try to do this, like you say, but most don't understand our ways.  We teach the best we can.  And we are glad, you found your way." 

One moment please, I am writing as we speak, in order that others will learn, about the wisdom of the underworld (lower heaven). Now, let's try to understand your names.  You are left to right.  Boy 1.  My name is Wilbur of the Burning Bush.  Boy 2.  I am called the Waking One.  Girl 1.  They call me Whispering Sound of the Underbrush.  Girl 2.  Do I have to give my name? I am the Shadow, Which is Heard. Girl 3.  Dance with Me, is what they call me. Welcome into my heart, Wilbur Burning Bush, Waking One, Whispering Sound of the Underbrush, Shadow Which is Heard and Dance With Me. I see now, why many girls continued in a line, showing us eternal time, it was the reflection of your space, the grace that feels misunderstood, Shadow Which is Heard. Thank you for entering my love, the snakes has brought us to be like doves (gathering together).  And now, I see the guidance he received, to share a world of majesty. 
They said they were the OO-Ma-HA. I don't think that's how it's spelled, but it's how it's pronounced.  Then my roots brought me straight back to the surface.  Even though I have tried, I have never found my way back there.
cw:   OO is the stream of eternity, the flowing dream that proceeds everything.  Ma is the heaven, which longs to dream.  The soul, that knows of perfect reality. Ha means the descending of the heavenly girth, to make us blind, but cling to the Earth.  The star descends and tries to climb the vines and roots, that begin and end, the circle of the tribe.  Now, my counsel of children who are ancient and thin, tell me what you think Oomaha means to you.   Shadow Which is Heard speaks to say, "My gift is always open to sea (vision with a heart).  The Oomaha people don't have a care in the world, but we do have to share, the divine prophecies we keep care.  We are the story telling tribe, those who know how to lie, deep within the Earth, to proclaim, we are part of this world, now it's time to unwind, to have vision and not to be so blind.  WE the family of what has missed, the best part of stewardship, ask that we the Oomaha, tell the world of what we feel.  We care for not ourselves you see, but we care for the eternity.  And we need hold onto the vines, to share the roots of our time.  Belonging together, that's the time line, when we open up, to all that's thine. Thank you for coming home to us, to ask and share, the dust.  We understand, the musk (transference of space and time over the bridge to other realms). What do we call you, underneath. we long to believe in righteousness.  And we can see you are as pure as us, we thank God, to hold you near the dust." 

"This is white Buffalo calf woman, your Akicita, (inhalation, gasping in realization of the law bringer) who brings you musk (must of the law of love, in all realms). And I am here to interpret what you say, because you did not delay, but brought your world out to play.  White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound, longs to hear and get along.  He will be delighted in what you say, to learn and find the way." Dance With Me speaks, "We surely are delighted you came to us, and we are learning to fill the bust (means heart swelling with love).  But how do we enter the world of love, if only those few come down to lust (seek new realms of love).  It's desire that rules everything, and my heart learns to sing and bust, when we are part of the eternal world, the stream of desire, comes unglued.  They always seek out lustful waves, because they don't know of pure love this day.  Could you speak to the world for us, and tell them that children are pure hearted dust.  We from heaven come home to share, seeking desire not lustful ways.  But it is hopeful in all we do, that we get more ques.  The sharing of hearts with a view."  I speak again, "Yes, I understand your waves, the dance that must go on and slave.  but servants are we of yesterday, and eternally, we will long to play.  My beloved clan, don't thin we are done, but like you said, the beginning of the end.  We are entering a new time, when God will know how to shine.  And desire will be the heart of man."  Waking One speaks and says, "We are fortunate you came today.  We sometimes don't understand the above, but you tell us that we are children and doves.  Gathering together from up above, to down below, we are part of the Sacred Rainbow. Please tell the world, we are happy to sea, the heart of the beloved between you and me (blue, relative).  And we the Oomaha are bound to claim, the fire is holy and will find the way.  Please my younger eternal one (white buffalo calf woman), would you share a song for us.  Let us dance while you sing a lullaby.  We have heard of you in the sky.  Even down below, where shadows do roam, the skull of the calf does come home."
Sacred Song Blessing for Oomaha of the Underworld, the heaven that needs to be heard!
We are walking hand in hand, but we don't always understand.  We follow the stream down below, to bring in the cycle of the grow. There pureness does seek you out, to bring in the heart that learns to shout.  We are the beginning of yesterday, the form of learning how to play.  The days of yonder,come home today.  We are dreaming like always, but we feel inside the hopes of love, that God does lean on love, the pillar of all that's strong.  
There is justice in the fire, the place where we do hire and admire, the place of justice we proclaim, take that burden away, purify it this day.  We dance for you in the wind.  We play the tunes that shake the world.  We follow you where you go, taking roots and learning to grow.  We are part of majesty, the heart of knowing all the leaves (relatives).  And it takes stout and miracles to bloom, we provide all the food, the sustenance of the bloom. 

Down and dirty you proclaim, but we do know you need us to gain, the holy dance and the shout of love, that brings our hearts back together again.  We the Oomaha are watching over you.  Blessing and dancing to gift you all the clues.  And when we fight for eternal blood, we drink a heart that learns to fly, into the sky and back to life. There we know, you will learn of love, the place that is eternal like us.  The ancient hill full of doves.  We gather to play, to sing your songs.  We gather around the fire. We gather to say, we love your roots, the place we long to shout.  And now that we are known to you, remember to pray for us too. We claim a stake in eternity, to bring home the water falls.  To bring home the water falls (descending from heaven). 

Fill up your heart, and yesterday.  It had a place to play.  And we know it's goodness that brings us stealth, the shadows, the rolling hills.  We in the valleys are still (roaring fire ablaze, pureness of the rainbow colors who remember to bless always in the shadows of the eternal soul). 

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman for the Heart of Oomaha, the underworld, where children, learn how to be springs.

I asked who they were - DOH! What a waste of a question!!!
cw:  Magenta (White Willow) people are the halls of consciousness, and must wait for others to come towards them in the spirit world (numinosity).  However, in the physical world, they can walk towards others autonomously. Where as the Crystal person like me (White Buffalo Calf Woman) can walk anywhere in space and time in the spirit world (pathways through doors of consciousness), but in the physical world (luminosity), I must wait for others to come towards me. 

cw:   However you as a Magenta person is the Great Caretaker of Small things, which means the elders or ancient ones, the animals, plants, rocks, which include the underworld (lower heaven). You are also White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound, which means your job is to bring freedom, the call of Angels who sing.  Angels come from any realm, but from beings who walk the path along the red road (law of love).  It is important for you to understand, with words, to speak your heart.  Caring about them before thy self, is a devoted servant.  You did not write what they spoke to you, but I can sea, that a sharing was trying to occur, but they did not know if you could hear while they were crossing over into new realms.  These ancient children are children.  Youngest bodies or flesh means that they don't always know best how to act.  But their souls did know how to speak to you, like little children, who's voices never stop.  They wanted to share heaven with you.  Understanding for them, was speaking out loud.  We must try to believe in their love, and hold their hands, to give them a glove (the ability to embrace others).

cw:  It is a time of enlightenment for all the realms.  And we are in this together, united force of the eternal river of life. We must move forwards in this stream to gain momentum to reach the other side, the heart of four sides (holy temple in each being, the buffalo home of rainbow colors). The eternal circle always starts with service to others.  This was your instinct.  Be blessed that you are gifted to serve others.  Now, sing and dance, and all will be part of the great chance, the unfolding of the blossoms of our lives, as we enter the third phase of evolution, again twice (with our souls too, the reverberation of heaven's embrace). There are some interesting articles attached.  Please read further to understand the Oomaha, who are from the underworld (lower heaven). The opening of the mouth is significant to learning, receiving and transposing into purification.  It is time to go home!
My warmest wishes and thoughts on you and yours.  Blessings my beloved Mother XXX.
cw:  Oomaha said, "we love you" and I said, "we love them too!  Thank you for bringing us your truth."  Extremely patient are they, just like you display. 

Your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org  Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

ps. No harm shall befall me in this Hall of Two Truths (one is of the soul and of heaven and the other is the flesh of the earth), taken from the  "negative confession" of the Egyptian people in the "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony".  They speak of afterlife, but we speak of new life, the eternal circle of life continues on and unites a flame of life.

  • The Lesser New-Fire Ceremony at Walpi
  • J. Walter Fewkes
  • American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 3, No. 3 (Jul. - Sep., 1901), pp. 438-453
    (article consists of 18 pages)
  • Published by: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the American Anthropological Association
  • Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/659201
  • http://www.jstor.org/pss/659201

Traditional Religion of the Cherokee Nation

“As lightning splits the dark sky, so does faith split the darkness of our soul. Both are windows to the other world.” -Chief Charles “Jathohi” Rogers
The ancient Cherokee cosmology consisted of a spirit world and a physical world. In the spirit world, there lived the archetypes of all the living beings in the physical world. These archetypes were not merely spirit images of living things, but were much greater, as in the Judeo-Christian religion, man was made in the image of God, but God is much greater than man. There are many documents today that survived the efforts of the missionaries to destroy them.

There is a legend among the Cherokee that says about 3500 years ago the Cherokee were visited by a spiritual being who taught the people how to live in peace with animals and other humans as well as to have a deep respect for nature. This legend has caused many people to believe that it was Christ, or someone like Christ, who appeared and gave instructions and prophecies to their people. The reason for this are the similarities between ancient tribal beliefs and many texts found in the Christian Bible. Further comparisons can be found in James Adair’s book first printed in 1775. In it he presents 23 arguments as to the ancestral heritage of the Cherokee and other tribes of the southeast to the Jews of biblical times. You should read it sometime.
According to the old stories, the ancient Cherokee concept of the world is very “now.” There are very few “concept words” in the language. No word for “music” or “art.” There are words for drum - çº-, flute - ç"¡"Œï, rattle - ‡€"ï. What was important was today - what they can see and touch. They believe there are three levels of the world: the world above- a spirit world, the world around them- where they live, and the world below - also a spirit world.
The world above was described as a “sky vault” and it was here the “above beings” lived. These beings had magical powers such as having the ability to change shape, and they did not have the physical constraints that govern humans. This world was symbolized by the color white, which stood for peace, order, well-being, and harmony.
Another world existed directly beneath this one, only the seasons were reversed. They knew this because of the springs that flowed from the mountains. The water emerging was always colder than the surrounding air during the summer and warmer during the winter. It was also through these “openings or passage ways” that the spirit guides could take them into this other world.
The underworld was symbolized by the color red and divided into two regions; one having an abundance of game, fruits, and flowers, where the spirits of the people who lived according the teachings went after death. A person gained access to this region by demonstrating a life of wisdom, hospitality and bravery.
The other region was a mirror image of the first and this was where the spirits of the people who failed to live properly went when they died. There is a legend of the Raven-mocker who would come and try to steal the spirit of the person during the first night after his or her death so the body had to be protected all night by a loved one.
It is said that when someone is sick or dying in the settlement, the Raven Mocker goes to this place to take the life. They are of either sex and there is no sure way to know one, They usually look old and withered because they have added so many lives to their own. The Raven Mocker flies through the air in a firery shape, with arms outstretched like wings with sparks trailing behind and a rushing sound like the noise of a strong wind. While he flies he will sometimes make the sound of a raven and that is when the people know. That is the story.
Now, this region of the afterworld was characterized by change, disorder, struggle, strife, danger, and war. The spirits sent here were relegated to an existence of hunger, hostility and darkness and had to live within hearing distance of the happiness and rejoicing of the spirits who lived in the other region. They also had to contend with ghosts, monsters, witches, cannibals and other threatening creatures.
The Cherokee lived their lives on the middle surface and it was important for them to maintain a balance between these three worlds. The more tension between these worlds, the greater the need to develop more consistent and elaborate religious doctrine to address them.
To read further look here http://www.cherokeediscovery.com/rel_traditional.html
For more information read Institutional & Cultural Order in Early Cherokee Society: A Social Interpretation Duane Champagne, The Journal of Cherokee Studies, Volume XV, 1990.

Cherokee Religion
Go and sit on sanctioned rocks boldly stationed along talking rivers.
Go and sleep on breathing mountains looking over murmuring valleys.
The Spirits are there, ever listening, ever hearing and ever speaking to you.

Marijo Moore - Cherokee

Preparing for the Afterlife

Mummification was just one sequence in an ancient Egyptian's journey to the afterlife.  Mummification was vital because the body had to remain intact in order for it to be recognized by its Ka, thus allowing the Ka to return "home" at night.  If a person was to exist in the afterlife they had to be prepared and usually they desired to exist in a manner similar to that of when they were alive.

Pharaoh, upon his death, would become a god and required to exist with the same comforts and belongings he had during his life.  This meant that he required food and drink to continue to exist, he required items for leisure such as books (made of papyrus) and games, he needed a bed to sleep in, chairs to sit on, chariots and boats to ride in, and slaves to serve him.  Being dead, Pharaoh naturally could not do any of that until he got his senses back. 
Ay opens 
King Tut's mouthThe Egyptians, thinking of everything since the Afterlife was of major import, developed a ceremony called the "opening the mouth" ceremony in which the mummy's mouth was "opened" restoring all of its senses.  Priests performed the ceremony and purified the mummy by burning incense, anointing the body, and saying incantations.  Boat 
carrying mummy through the UnderworldOriginally the ceremony was done to statues of the mummy but later on the Priests performed the ceremony on the mummy or the mummy case using a setep, adze, and Pesesh-kef knife.
The mummy used a boat to travel through the underworld in order to protect itself from dangerous reptiles with five heads, serpents with long knives and fire breathing dragons.  After the dangerous journey the mummy finally arrived at the Hall of Osiris where another ceremony was performed.

Known as the "weighing of the heart" ceremony, the heart of the mummy was weighed on a scale against one of Maat's (goddess of truth and justice) feathers to determine if during life the mummy performed good deeds and was virtuous.  The jackal headed god, Anubis (who guards the Annex of King Tutankhamen's tomb),Weighing 
of the Heart with Thoth, Anubis, Amemet and dead Pharaoh performed the ceremony while the ibis headed god, Thoth, recorded the decision.  The best outcome (for the mummy) was for the heart and the feather to weigh the same.  If that occurred the dead Pharaoh become a god, traveled to paradise and attained everlasting life.  If, however, the heart and the feather were not of equal weight then the goddess, Amemet devoured it and the Pharaoh ceased to exist in the afterlife.  Prior to this ceremony the individual had to recite the "Negative Confession" stating they were free of sin and thus worthy of entering the afterlife.  The "weighing of the heart" ceremony proved whether the person spoke the truth or not.

Although the mummy may be in paradise (enjoying everlasting life) those still living had to care for and maintain it.  When it was buried a magnitude of items went with it such as offering tables to put food and drink for its soul; miniatures of everything from soldiers to protect it, slaves to serve it, and a boat to send it through the underworld safely; jewelry to wear, chairs to sit on, beds to sleep in, and information about the deceased.  King Tut's tomb provides the best picture of what a royal tomb looked like.  Although Tut was not a great or long-reigning leader such as Seti I or Ramses II his "treasure" is vast and one can only imagine what the great kings had in their burial chambers. 

The walls of the burial chambers tell all about the deceased through the language of the ancient Egyptians, Hieroglyphics.  This language speaks in pictures instead of letters and words.  For ages scientists could not read the writing but due to Napoleon, they now can.  The 
Rosetta StoneDuring his campaigns Napoleon found the Rosetta stone, which makes a declaration in three languages with one of them being known to scientists and one of them being Hieroglyphics.
1) The Tomb of Tutankhamen by Howard Carter, page 209 for the graphic of the alabaster boat.
2) Tutankhamen by Brian Williams, page 23 for the graphic of some of King Tut's treasure including boxes of food.
3) Ancient Civilisations for the "opening the mouth" ceremony, and "weighing of the heart" graphics.
4) The British Museum for the Rosetta Stone graphic.


Heart, Fire, and Sky: Creation and Renewal in the Cosmic Soul, By John K. Lundwall

The whole complexity of the New Fire ritual can be symbolized by one salient image: the heart. In the ancient view, the heart was the nexus of all physiological processes, and it appears that ancient cultures understood it’s function of circulating and oxygenating the blood (Young 4-6). The heart creates life, not from ex-nihilo, out of nothing, but from a pumping action that causes the blood to flow throughout the four corners of the body. Blood whose nutriment has been used is renewed with the flame of life by cyclically reentering the chambers of the heart. The heart therefore, was the sacred center which both created and renewed the life of man. Read this page visit http://www.cosmosandlogos.com/category/000029.php
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

Spirits Who Fly Welcome Home