White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Willow Dreams Again, to Bring us Tea, Where We Swim, The Vision of Space, and What it Speaks!

Blessings my Dearest Twin (Deer) Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),
I am writing with another dream. I hope you don't mind, I would very much appreciate your wisdom and Insight. Blessings always my Love.
Keith White Willow (kww)
Beloved White Willow,
Your dreams show the world, where we are headed.  You teach us of what tomorrow will bring, as the Great Caretaker you are, the Magenta person.  Now all Magenta people can go and seek knowledge, because they think, they know it all, as Great Librarians, but it is a White Willow who plants the seeds of knowledge who seeks answers for all to learn about destiny of Oneness we call God. Your sharing is a monument, for others to be like, to bring the dance and the song, united into being the Shining Star, the White Buffalo, where the sacred four directions come home!
your devoted servant,
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of prophecy

(kww) Last night about tea time.

(cw) Tea Time is when we gather together to share our lives.

(kww) I had a visit from a little girl. She is 7-8 year old.  I know she is younger than both my kids, but not sure by exactly how much. 

(cw)  Girls bring loving law, along the Red Road, the art of the embrace, bringing two broken hearts together.  Years 7 to 8 signifies the darkness entering the light, where the impure, is blessed to receive holiness upon the body.

(kww) She has center parted, long red hair below the shoulder, the second time I saw her she had a clip in it to keep the fringe out of her eyes and it was clipped the side. 

(cw) Parted down the center, the oneness of life.  This is the circle, where two roads cross, and unite, as well as separate, to become the sacred journey, light and dark. The dance, the song that lives forever, the crystalline stone stream. The fringe is the souls journey, that connects the two realms together.  This is why the Jews wear the sacred curls on the sides of the head, to show the blue of me and you, the spirit of our lives.  We journey along these pathways, the unseen rivers of the bold universe.  These rivers join the world of paradise, the streams of light. These are called the four sacred directions, often called the buffalo. And it is the white buffalo that is the unifying factor, the star, that is released to shine in the heavens

(cw) There is a place where the Buffalo (flesh of earth, the light that grows, the four sacred directions, where we do) roam, and my heart does know how to roam, to be across the rolling hills, to eat of the green grass and know my fills.  I am nourished by this love, the place, where I live inside the dark, the heaven calling, to fill me up.  We the Rainbow Clan do know (how to drink from this spiritual cup), that we are part of this sacred show, where the Horse (soul of heaven, the heart that knows) runs wild and free, to be with Warriors, the Dog (rainbow warrior of prophecy who stands their ground) who bleeds (follows the red road, the law of love, where the fighting is for the unification of the broken heart, to bring the warrior up).

(kww) She was wearing a hospital gown, which was white. Though it had very distinctive blue lined edging an a pattern of little blue flowers.

(cw) White again, is the color that shines in four directions.  You and I share this feature, so that others will understand, however, we are all stars from heaven, but it's the knowledge of wisdom or realization, that brings this unity together for all of us.  WE all wear this gown, of the white star that shines in heaven.  The blue lining is the soul's darkness or numinous flowing stream, the embrace of the loving realm.  When the blue, or the soul's eternal journey is in blossom, we are glorious, the magical star, that shines.  Each of us are entering this space within, to shine without.  When we become who we are, where forgiveness is part of our lives and we allow others to shine forth, and we allow, them to express who they are, but if we don't forgive, we don't allow others to be themselves, and we start to argue and defend our behaviors or even worse blame them for what we do.  This is why, we need enter our realization, "I am" or "I am perfect".  And forgiveness through purification will allow me to shine, either through the fire or the water, and together, I am complete or whole again.

(kww) I asked my coven (Wicca Gathering) for help last night, as she just stood there, (and) didn't say or do anything, just stood looking at me. This wasn't seen through my 3rd eye or however you wish to describe it, she was there in my room, only for a fraction of a second, but I was able to pull a lot of detail from it.

(cw) This is because we can sea into the darkness as a reflection. I feel that soon, we may all be able to see into this darkness, where the INDIGO, can sea clearly this numinous space, where the rest of us, tend to see reflections.  A crystal person like me can see, when my eyes are closed clearly, however, when I open my eyes, I can not sea anymore, and the images change quickly as we move in time. You are the Magenta person, which is the center of the universe or the halls of great stream, where the many colors of the whole stream bounce off the sides of the walls, the embrace.  You sea, the reflection of her (law of love), who is sent to teach you, the truth of space.  But while reflection it is not truth, but more like a song, it's stream shows us the great levity of motion in dreams, and the many avenues of the sacred Grandmother space.

(kww) My high priestess sent a reply back telling me she had dreamed of her the night previous. So I went on a dream quest to find her when I went to bed last night.

(cw) It is wonderful, that you are connected so deeply with your wicca high priestess, and the sharing you bring is to foretell, that the time has come.  We are part of the same continuum and as part of the family, we are the Rainbow Clan, who shine in the heavens.  Each of us dream, and belong to the perfection.  And today, our Golden One shared the perfect view of our dreams, we cross over to new shores. 

"Things appear and FEELINGS are relative to this perfect beat.  All is in perfection already.  
I feel joy because I trust in the process. I have seen it's fruits . . . over and over.  
Every golden age and dark age, I forgive the wrongs because there is an understanding
that all is in perfection. We are here for many different reasons but all of them serve 
the ONE (Oneness we call God).  These struggles only enhance our experience.  
They enhance every Golden Age, because I have faith that ALL is perfect", 
says William Flies Through the Wind and Sets Himself Free, 
our Earth Bound, the Golden Person. 

(kww) Below is the transcript exactly as I wrote it when I woke.
I dreamed I Was in a house, an old kind of 2 up 2 down street house. 

(cw) This is the four sacred directions, we call upper heaven, heaven, earth, lower heaven. The house of God, where the buffalo roam.

(kww) I was at the back of a living room facing what I suppose would have been an old parlor. Though it had been converted, both rooms to open plan, the furniture and decor was still very much two rooms.

(cw) Yes, we exist in heaven and earth.  This is our perspective we are entering, the dawning or unity of this division, we now understand light and dark to be.

(kww) I felt as though I may have been looking from 2 different time zones. There were 2 doors, one in each room over to the left. 

(cw)  The left is the heavenly realm, we call the east, not reflection, but truth of reality, that is from the center. We travel from one time zone to another over the horizon, between heaven and earth. And on the eastern shore, is where we begin and end, the portal ways to another journey. This happens oh so very long, eons and eons as we experience our own evolution with our souls.

(kww) The door nearest led to the foot of the stairs, though this was at the back of the house and not the front as I would have expected and a passage.

(cw) And yes, the stairs are the steps to evolution, and at the back is from the past and the foot is over rolling hills or upon the waves of light we journey upon in our dreams and visions. It was nearest you, because this is what we remember our past, that guides us to and fro, over the hills we go.

(kww) The other door (in the room that would have been the parlor) led through to the passage and the front door.

(cw) the place we often gather is the parlor, and it's the place we journey towards.  The passageway is where the center of the world (light and dark) travel through, this place is grandmother space, however, the center of all the folding and bending of light, is the Magenta person, where we move back and forth through realms, of heaven and earth.  Not only does this place, come upon the two realms, we experience, but the other two realms also collide here.  This is where the blossom of the four leaf clover grow, and where the flowers smell sweet, where butterflies flutter in the winds of time, the journey of soul flight (eeeeeeeeha, lets have some fun). There are many doors to the world of time, and Grandmother leads us all to the doorways of destiny.  However it is the front door, which is known as the Crystal person, like myself, which shows you, the truth to your soul.  And when you look upon your soul, and love thyself, you are able to journey into the house of God, where Angels sing.  But if you cannot look upon your soul, then you do not enter the pearly gates, and you turn back, to learn some more about forgiveness and compassion, to earn your way into the house of God.  "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and shall be opened to you." Luke 11:9  or simply "Knock and the door shall open, ask and you shall receive." It is the seeker, who looks for the door and finds it, this is called the vision quest.

(kww) The house was all in a dark decor, the dream was in a monochrome, not exactly black and white, but like you expect night vision to look.

(cw) Darkness is the heavenly realms, the house of God where we journey and live within, even if we think we are somewhere outside of it all.  As Earth, we float inside the heavenly realms, where the water flows, and our hearts grow, like flowers, that learn and knows (nose, the bridge over to smell sweetness), where wisdom is the song of the doe (deer, the mother's journey as she is the heaven, to our flight, teaching us to use our hearts). When we fly in space, really we go from light to dark, to light, to dark, and then we move so fast, as light journeys 186,000 miles per second.  Oh so fast, it looks gray, and this is the color of Grandmother Space, as we call her, the Gray person. She teaches us the stories, and guides us through the many doorways.

(kww) The little girl was, stood in front of me, She skipped out of the door as if she wanted me to follow, when I didn't, the whole dream started again.

(cw) A girl remember is the law of love, and as a child, is innocent, pure and blessed. Now, why did you do this over and over, because, this is what we do, when we don't learn, repeat our story, until we forgive others who committed crimes against our souls or flesh. These memories stay with us, until we release them, to forgiveness.  This is why I tell others, the fastest way to forgiveness, is writing it on paper (tree of life, the law of love, that connects heavenly leaves to earthly roots), then burning it up.  The world knows that by blessings with herbs of various grasses, we call incense and bless space, to connect heaven with earth, the binding or connecting the bridge, for our souls and flesh bodies to journey over, to and fro.

(cw) The little girl wanted you to know freedom of your soul, to journey into the house of God, where there is peace and happiness.  She was skipping, because this is what we do, when we are happy and it's the way, we bounce up and down, as traveling over a wave particle of light, the pathway home.

(kww) I did this a few times so that I could get a feeling of the house. It wasn't very nice. This wasn't a happy place.

(cw)  How can one experience happiness, if we are not able to walk through the doorway into God's house.  We must then stay out in the fields, where we labor, and toil.  Here we end up, locked in doing the same old drudgery again and again, until we learn of joy.  Happiness is anew, and a happy man, can do the same job over and over, but know it's a new experience, while an unhappy man, feels trapped in his labors.  When we labor for God, and gift our lives to the Oneness, of all life, we know, that joy is our reward.  The highest treasure, we can conceive, the embrace of ourselves, the "I am".

(kww)  followed her to the stairs and she showed me the carpet, it was red with green and yellow swirls, though I don't know how I know this, as there was no color in the dream.

(cw) The carpet is like a field of grass, like our front and back yards, those who can enjoy such luxuries.  But in heaven, such fields offer us a new beginning.  And Native Americans always say, "Where the Green Grass Grows", that where I go!  Remember, it's evolution, where we journey upon the stair case, with each step, we earn and learn, to over turn, towards a new path.

(cw) Now, the colors.  Red is the world of flesh, the lights, we are part of.  Red is always the law of love, the blood that flows, for life to grow.  Green is the color of the embrace of space.  These persons (green people) are like the river banks that hold a river in place, as the embrace of all light, both luminous and numinous. Green is the valley below, where the green grass grows, where flowers blossoms so we all can grow.  Each age, brings us a new beginning.  And over and over again, I hear people say, "I want to go home".  This is because we are longing for a new world, where we lounge in the valleys below, where the Green Grass grows, the place of the Dawning, Heaven and Earth.  Yellow is the fields of dreams, like when the green grass (beginnings), like wheat fields, blossom, and bring forth seed, the fields become golden grain. 

A Sower walked among his fields, When Spring's fair glory filled the earth; 
He scattered seed with eager hand, And sowing, thought upon their worth.  
"These seeds are precious ones," he said.  "The finest flowers shall be mine 
(I am, relative to God); And I shall reap rich, golden grain,
When these are ripe at harvest time." Poem written by Olivia Bush 1899.

O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties
(purple is the priest who leads us to the light, 

where God is known, Holiness) Above the fruited plain! (seeds fruit of abundance) 
America! America! God shed his grace on thee, 
And crown thy good with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea! 
First Stanza from America (the Beautiful) by Katharine Lee Bates.

(cw) When I was asked by Song of all Songs, a Golden Person, to go to someone who needed healing, what was one of the most amazing things, I experienced with her, was her ability, to travel over the yellow rolling hills, the waves of light.  Because in the spectrum of light, it is yellow which is in the center path, "the rising sun", where we spend much of our time in spiritual flight.  This is also why many people see a yellow cord, attached to all life.  And Indigo person, Spirit Jumper, she told me a story once, where she saw everything, binded together, or weaving, that connected all life together.  And nothing, and I repeat nothing, is detached, from the Oneness we call God.  

(cw)  Another thing, Yellow is the color of our dreams, in a time of evolution, it is the "Dawning" or the "Sun Dance", in which we need celebrate.  The yellow swirls, because in evolution's terms, we motion inwards, where our souls decline down to the smallest point, in and over to a new realm, this is the Magenta person, this center of space.  One more thing, some "New Age" people will tell you to cut the cord, when in fear, to alleviate our hardships, but this only creates new problems.  Never ever cut the cord.  We are cutting ourselves away from God, instead bless the fear, and space we tread. There is much misunderstanding in the world at large, and it is time, for our Crystal people, the door into heaven, to be known, for heavenly bodies are coming home.  And there are many of us, walking around right now, and even aliens from the sky, who are trying to come back home.  To receive each other, and know the harvest, the time of brotherhood, where the rainbow bows, to the pot of gold at the eng of the rainbow, is where we harvest our rewards, the time of love and sharing, the fields of golden grain, where brotherhood is known in our hearts.  We call this Relatives of the Rainbow Clan, we belong together as God, the Oneness of all the universes together.

(cw) You knew the colors because you were looking in dark space, which is monochrome remember, the Grayness of Grandmother space.  But eons and eons of eternal living of our souls, radiate towards the colors, which vibrate a certain frequency.  Each wave of light as color, vibrates differently, like a note in a song.  This is the song of Angels, the song of the whole.  I read light, not with color, but with separation in the darkness.  Those who see auras, a part of the living lights of the four directions, see untruth, because there are so many colors, that weave together, that makes it impossible to see, the truth.  If fact the readers light looks (looker), and the reading light is alive (seen), and the next thing you know, there is a crossing of colors, and misunderstandings do occur. There is an exception, the Indigo Person is our Prophet because they can see inside the darkness with their eyes open, but this means, they must be standing there right in front of you.  Not from far away, like Crystal people can. This is why only a crystal person, can read truth, because they look within dark space, and read frequency as a wave length, rather than the color.  

(cw) Sometimes, I am able to see the colors, and to me, it's more like a language.  And other times, I am so overwhelmed by the color, that I may even read, incorrectly, but when this happens, it's a magical occurrence, that brings an illumination to the whole truth. Trusting God is questioning and seeking answers. 

(cw) Another thing, the Magenta person, is where all the colors play the light show, like when the sun rises or sets, we are in awe.  We do not talk, but experience the light show.  This is the path of the dance and the song, united on the yellow path, a light from within. This is the glory, the Magenta shares, the access to unity.  And it is the Great Caretaker (magenta person), who guides us along our journey, just like your visions do for all of us, our Keith (forest, as each are a tree of life, you are the many who flow through the center of the universe) White (united four directions, the star that is born) Willow (where every seed bursts forth, to bloom and take roots, to grow).

(kww) She showed me the 3rd step up. She took a really long time and effort to show me the stair rod. It was about 2" square at both ends, then was "turned" so it became round.

(cw)  The third step is the yellow or dream.  WE each have a dream, our mission in life, our heavenly name, like yours is White Willow. 
[To know your heavenly name or earthly tools of light - earthly name often called the Native American name (four sacred directions ) email whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com.]  There we are, part of the steps to evolution. We are entering the third phase of evolution, where the folding of space is joining the separation of heaven and earth, to become one space, Heaven and Earth, the rising sun, where our dreams of brotherhood come true.

(cw) The stair rod, is what connects heaven and earth together, and cannot be seen, but felt by our hearts.  It is the dark stream of heaven, where all flows towards the center of the black hole, the center of each galaxy.  If you notice, our stair rod is square.  All life is square.  If you look at all the mathematical atomic images, you will find, that all have a square structure, which has six sides, up, down, north, south, east and west.  And in many cases, the center point is called here, to include the seven steps to creation, the week.  Now, when the square is turning, like the DNA strand (unknown yet), the spiraling (known) is the center of the square.  The flat places are called plateaus (light), and the space is called valleys (dark).  When you move from light and dark, you travel over waves particles, the transportation vehicle, the flesh or the body structure moves through space, the illusion of life.  This happens in the yellow wave length, as we vision the center color pathway, the risen sunshine or all light. When you move between the plateaus and the valleys, you move through, the transportation channel (river), the heart or soul and this is unseen, where light can journey through, like water pierces the river, but only reaches part way down, and the deeper regions, are all darkness, like the heavens and a black hole.

(cw)  Okay, now it's getting complicated, so let me say this.  The square is the Star of David, and when we bless, the structure becomes stable, for the heavens breeze, to flow through, like water, that journeys through a river channel.  When we don't bless, it simply becomes a mess, where you start to build dams, and hold back the waters overflowing every which way.  And it's quite impossible to contain water, when it's going every which way. It is simpler to just bless, to allow the river of water, to flow through you.  This is the era we are entering. If you don't bless and live sacred, you get to go through that unfortunate house, where you get to repeat over and over, the same old icky stagnant contaminated waters, like our Earthquake and Tsunami misfortunes, drift towards them, the waters, that cannot be contained.  It is better to bless and be safe, and light and darkness can collide peacefully as we learn to share space.  And when you share and act sacred, we have brotherhood, where sister is law of love, the heart that cares.

(cw) The fact, that there is a square, and there is turning, into a circle joins heaven and earth together, called evolution of God space.  We are creatures of God, and must follow these laws.  Because if we don't, we die, literally, either with contamination, or with the heavenly purification process, the law of love.  The merging of darkness with light.  And when others who are impure darkness come near us, they are propelled away, when there is blessings, because so how, their eternal knowing, understands this process and stay clear of you.  The pure hearts, stay safe, because they follow God's laws.  Another thing is this, we suffer for those, who do not understand love, this is called love.  We suffer for our relatives, because we love them, like a Parents, who will give up things in order, that their children will have more.  This suffering is done by those all over the world and evolution, and we must forgive those who do not know the path homewards.  And teach those, who seek, the way homewards, to unite a broken heart.  We fight for only one thing, and that is love.  All others is not reason to fight.  Only love is worth fighting for, like Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy knows (nose, the bridge between realms.)

(kww)  The top had 2 collars carved in, the bottom had one.

(cw)  The three points of light, two at one side of the four directions, the plateau, and one point light, add up to three points of light.  This allows for the reflection of light.  We all carry four sacred directions, however, we all carry Grandmother Space or the dark point of light.  This allows us to be beings inside our illusions, or our earth, the flesh space, the garden or paradise of God.  Beings of the darkness, carry four points of light, and do not carry a dark point, and thus, are not reflected as Earth beings, even though, the journey too in Grandmother space, they do not carry Grandmother space point of light.  That is why we can sometimes see, into the dark space in moments like a reflection of light, but as soon as we move or they move, we can't see them again, just like your little girl who came to you.  We are better able to sea, within dark space, when we dream or when we fall asleep or wake up, as this gives us access to the dark space and the reflections of light (the numinous flowing). We are being of darkness, coming from heaven, and must return to heaven, when our mission is complete.  And we are doomed to repeat our lessons over and over again, until we are able to face ourselves in the mirror of our soul, the doorway into heaven, the crystal person, we call the pearly gates.

(kww) The top of the rod under the collar, was turned to about an inch thick and tapered to full width at the center, this then tapered back to an inch at the bottom, just above the bottom collar.

(cw)  She was showing you the places between darkness and light, between the plateaus and valleys, the journey over the rolling hills, the waves of light, and back again. It is not easy for beings to share information, like this, because we all have a point of view of the same oneness or God.  It is very important we share our stories.  You know everyone thinks that I (crystal person) should know everything, but its' more like I have access to everything, like books in a library (to answer your questions, and sing your sacred heart songs), each of us are books on a journey of life.  The magenta person is the Great Librarian, because they know where the books of life go on which shelf.  This makes you the Great Caretaker, guiding us along our path, to our dreams.

(kww)This must have tired her out, showing me this, as she and the house faded, I don't think I have seen the last of her though.

(cw)  She loves you, as we all have guides and messengers who show us the way to evolve our personal quest.  And each of us are part of something greater too, as relatives to the whole of God's world, the Oneness.  We are relative to each other, because as light bends, we are near, those who are part of the equation of our lives, Earth, and Heaven that flows through and near our existance, we call God.

Warriors of the Earth  
I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

Spirits Who Fly Welcome Home