White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Part One: Goddess Vision, A Light From Within Does Glow, "I Am a Sun Dance"

ww:  White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound (Visions the Goddess)

cw:  White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother interprets Vision (inline interpretation)

Daniel 8:8 - “Therefore the male goat ; but when he became strong, the large horn was broken, and in place of it four notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven .  And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceeding great toward the south, toward the east and toward the Glorious Land.”  

Interpreted cw: Daniel 8:8 - “Therefore the male goat (hoofed creature that lives on sides of mountains, with hair that regrows, antennae to God or pathways of intention, here stands the light of man, the holy sacred child) grew very great (greatness, alight from within, a dream is born); but when he became strong, the large horn was broken (pierces down from heaven to divide the many splendid colors), and in place of it four notable ones (black, red, yellow, white) came up toward the four winds of heaven (four sacred directions, in rainbow colors).  And out of one of them came a little horn (the soul that rises, like a child is born a dream, talks of heavenly arenas, blowing the song of heaven) which grew exceeding great toward the south (womb, protected by Mother's love, the law), toward the east (where we began and end, the place we greet the rising sun, the morning star) and toward the Glorious Land.”    
White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound 
(Vision of the Sacred Vine) 

Goddess Vision by  
White Willow Trumpets Sound

Hiya all - wanted to tell you about a Vision I had while resting one Sunday about September last year.

cw:  Welcome into our hearts White Willow Trumpets Sound as we embrace thee.  Thank you for sharing.

ww:  I woke late one Sunday Morning early afternoon.  My head was bursting and I felt really sad and very weepy - a situation I rarely find myself in, as I'm not really an emotional person. 

cw:  Tears are from the blue road. WE MUST cry, whether it be in pain and suffering or tears of joy, we must cry. Tears offer us the sky (embrace of earth), clouds, streams, rivers, seas, oceans and our beloved wind.  This is all from the blue road.  The blue road, often known as the color black, like when we look into the night sky, it's seems black.  Some people with really black hair, radiate blue, a radiation of light from the black.  So you sea, black and blue, are the same road to me and you, the reflection. 

cw:  White Willow had to enter heaven's realm with tears, before he begins his vision of the Goddess. This is the very shift we are all learning to do.  Move towards heaven's embrace, the unity of the heart, with tears, before we enter our earthly embrace of intelligence and negotiations. The blue road receives. The red road gives.  The yellow path is the united blue (soul of heaven, dark) and red (flesh of earth, light).  We become the Morning Star, often referred by many as the planet Venus. However, the morning star, is a Sun.  Our Sun, that rises each day, each morning and sets each night, to rejoin us again, as the circle of life is traveled.
ww:  I laid down to close my eyes and though I wasn't asleep.  I found myself outside my body, somewhere but completely aware, while I laid on my bed.

cw:   This is the twix, between heaven and earth, between inhalation and exhalation, the breath, and flight of the soul.  We travel over the horizon, to and fro.  This place is the quiet reflection needed to vision and or hear, listening to our soul's exchange with heaven.

cw:  One important thing for all to realize, is that we move outwardly from our bodies with our souls first by going inwards.  Flight always happens inside.  The power to use flight on the outside, must be integrated with body and soul.  Here White Willow enters the trail of tears, to greet the heart, then he experiences the outward bound of the soul flight.  Here (sacred all around) is where he was able to feel and sense his vision, for all to share.  It's the to and fro, from heaven we do flow, the embrace of time, must snow (crystalline stone river) from within.  

ww:  I saw the brightest light you can imagine, the entire sky full of it.  I saw the Angels, choirs and choirs and choirs of them, in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands.  They filled the sky.  I walked through them and realized that they don't have wings.

cw: Wings have purpose, to purify with the embrace.  Most of the time, we don't wear wings, because  our purpose is not to purify with destruction. Wings are a tool of purification, the sacred embrace. It is a Mother who scolds you when you veer off the heart's path.  She is embracing you with the law of love.  Have you seen a Mother Bird shed her wings to embrace and protect her children?  This is what we do for each other, when we realize.  Here we have many who share the hearts of realize, angels, choirs and hundreds thousands in the sky.  To realize is the greatest factor in becoming who we need to bee, the impossible dream of the soul's flight.

cw:  Once I was called upon, to go with a Golden Person, Song of all Songs, to visit a man, who had killed someone.  We had to go to his heart, within, to purify, to help him to realize.  We, the crystal and golden person needed each other to completely purify, the sins within.  Finally after getting the man unafraid of us, Angels, he did allow Song of all Songs to embrace him.  And with her wings, she embrace him to emptiness, to the twix (in-between).  In that moment of silence, we waited, for his return, where he realized what he could do instead, live a healthy life, without sin.  He was purified from hate and disease.  

cw:  What was wonderful when we arrived at his apartment on earth in the spirit.  Our wings, shot out from our bodies, as if they were hidden, to be alive again.  As we stood there with Angel Wings, we shared a vision for faith and freedom.  "Angel stand before me and purify my life.  Heal me and show me the way."  This is what Angels do, whether they are from heaven or earth.  We are all glorified.  We must only realize.  It takes only one to care, another to call upon, and together we did learn to survive, into the halls of the twix where peace is known. Remember White Willow, you are the magenta person, the halls of consciousness, where all does flow to and fro, between realms we do go, over the horizon is the flow!

ww:  They fly on the light that surrounds them, as I looked closer I saw that the light fills them up, comes from inside them.  From a distance, initially, it looked as if they were holding it in cupped hands, just like all the images show - but it's not like that - it glows from deep inside each and every one of them, like a miniature sun.

cw:   The light that surrounds us all is Rainbow Colors.  These are waves of light, we do travel upon within our souls. Yes, I can see that, what's behind the cupped hand, the diaphragm (up and down, grandfather light), offering the breath a way to spirit flight. 

cw:  Darkness always creates light.  Our inner walls are always dark, like our inner homes compared to the outside, in the yard.  When we turn a light inside darkness it seems bright, but if we turn a light on, where there is much light, we don't see much at all.  This is how, light radiates, from the inside out.  This is what we are all learning to do, with our souls.  When we look and search, the seeker, we have looked at self, or the mirror to self reflecting all light, within the darkness.  Here when we start to recognize self, our light grows brighter and brighter as we learn to find our greatness within.  

cw:  Learning that our soul is only light, when we refract light, bend it to hit more than one wall, as we have four sacred directions.  This is a warrior who takes a journey.  To realize, that the soul is voluptuous, only to our own knowing.  We need claim what and who we are, eternal souls, that survive forever.  But this realization only comes when we seek and look into the pool of darkness, the blue seas between you and me.

cw:  Angels are only those who believe in self and share self with others.  We are devoted servants and willing to extend our light for others to sea (vision with the heart). This is what Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are trying to remember and learn to accept about self, that we seek, to shine from within.  It is the light from within, that sheds the world, from harm and brings fruition to paradise.  

cw:  The Lakota people know of the morning star, but don't remember what it means.  It is the eight sacred directions, both light outwardly and darkness inwardly, to shine the soul's existence, the light from within, to share wisdom of the eternal ages.  The age of eternity. When a person stands up for the red road, the external light, stands up for the blue road, the internal darkness, something begins to happen.  We shift towards knowing, versus guessing, the existence of our soul.  We then begin to dance, like the sun in the morning as it breaks the horizon.  This is the Lakota Heart, one who stands up on the top of the hill, waiting to receive the winds of time, from the eight sacred directions.  And from this place, we stand in the halls of consciousness to be the ninth direction, here, the round and round of evolution (spiraling).  We stand up, to know that we shine from within, to radiate to the without to share the world of heaven and earth, paradise for all to know.  We carry love in our hearts, when we seek and become the questor. 

cw:  We are all miniature suns, shining alight from within, over rolling hills of rainbow colors. The only difference between one from another in our rainbow clan family is the seeking for self knowledge, that we then learn to share, once we have found this cherish light from within.

ww:  It's warmth and the purest love, and they carry it with them.  I think it's what they are made from, but they told me - you carry it too. Deep within you, so does everyone, they kept repeating, you carry it deep within you. I got that feeling that with it - anything is possible.

cw:  We all carry warmth and purest love, but we cover it up, with pain and suffering.  We release pain and suffering and we revert back to warmth and pure love.  White Willow reminds us, of where we came from and where we are going to return to, ourselves, where love is abundant and cherished. As he says, it's a feeling of "anything is possible".  This is the world we are stepping into, where all dreams do come true, if we believe and have faith.

ww:  I walked through all the choirs, and finally got to where the light was at its strongest.

cw:  Through the song of angels that is heard, a voice is louder, than it's herd. It was the woman,who God did send, it's heaven we worship again. We are all part of heaven, even earth. But often Man forgets this.  Each of us have a song, it's the heart that proclaims, "I am".  Here the soul does reach inside, to share and divide.  

cw:  As we journey through life, it's the soul that lives in heaven, the darkness realm that leads our world, even our flesh.  When we are shining lights, we are visible.  When we are shining lights from within, we are powerful, invisible. When we share our light, inwards and outwards, we are living the dream (blue cross red equals yellow).  Each day our animals, whom are soul elders, exclaim, that the rising sun, gifts us hope for a new beginning.  This is why we always walk towards the light, it guides us, when we are in the darkness (fearful), especially when we are not able to shine the light from within. When we can walk in the darkness, we are fearless.  Here is where true power lives, a light from within!

ww:  It was a beautiful garden, with a pair of huge silver gates.  They filled up all the garden and there were queues and queues of people walking through them, all races, creeds, colors of skin.

cw:  We seek always paradise, the garden beautiful.  And to enter this world, we line up to get in.    The Rainbow person rotates the rainbow colors to become her children, the rainbow clan.  However Silver is the color of the Cosmic Mother, who has descended from being the flesh of her children to a direct reflection of them (mirror of the flesh, silver color stands behind all mirrors on earth), where law of love, stands up for what is right.  When a person is able to look at self and acknowledge self as he or she is in the reflection, one is able to love thyself, regardless of what they see in the mirror.  Then one is able to enter through the silver gates, into paradise. It's the law of light.

cw:   We are many splendid colors, the division of color, to share the work load as well as to evolve personally and as a group, wholeness, we call Oneness of God. Without variable perspectives, we are not always able, to understand another, who takes the other side or even a side, that is unseen.  This is why we need each other, to support and transport the whole.  The law that propels this perfect existence is LOVE.  And when one knows and feels the law, by walking and talking this law, LOVE, we are able to see oneself, realize self and know we need others.  We become servants, true blue royal suns, that radiate from within.

ww:  The gates were attached to railings which were also silver and went on further in each direction than I could see.

cw:   Recall, that silver was the color of self love, the acceptance and forgiveness of self. This offers us a birth of the light from within, to shine invisible in the light, but brightly in the darkness of heaven.  The gate was the color of the door into the garden of paradise, heaven upon earth.  And the law is love, along the path of the red road, or longest wave length, is the color red.  Astronomers can find and track this color in the heavens, with radio waves, not light waves.  It has become the unseen light, which leads to the garden of paradise, where love is known.  Here we find that silver railings attach to this gate homeward, bound to the law of love.  

cw:  Often people have visions, of the silver strand, and think we are bonded to the heavens this way, however it's more like a bond to Mother's love, that stands up for what is right (righteousness).  This is self realization.  The spectrum of light, we all are knowing freedom is yellow.  This is the middle of the light spectrum, between blue (soul, water, talk, dark) and red (flesh, fire, walk, light) which leads to the middle way, the yellow wave length, referred to the middle way, the yellow path, the united way, and dreams, the child is born, the light from within is born or even to be born again. 

cw:  With the yellow light, we are free.  With the silver light, we are bonded to the law of love.  The railings that is viewed in White Willow's vision express, the bond of love, for the self, within the whole of God's kingdom.  When we can love and forgive self, we have the ability to love and forgive others.  We are the living dream.  We are the children of God.  We are parents to God, each time we have a new born child.  We are always bonded to that child, with love, forever and ever.  This is what the silver railings portray, that bond we share with God, the law of love, that provides security and safety of dreams that are expressed and shared. 

cw:  When we know this great love inside our souls, we are ready to step into the gardens once more, to know flight, through the dream, the yellow wave or rolling hill in time.  This is what we are entering, the joy of heaven's love, towards the dream of walking in the gardens of paradise, with dreams upon our hearts, where we share or love with each other, support each other and bonded to each other.  we are related.  this realization find relatives, who know the middle way, where dreams are born.  We have faith in what God offers us and provide our service to this whole of the majesty of love.  This is the bliss of the silver railings that go on and on forever in eternal love.

ww:  Alone at the top of a hill was a beautiful woman in a white dress, the dress was made of brocade, though I don't know what brocade is, or even how I know this is what it was made of.  It seemed to be almost alive because it had so much movement.

cw:  Time moves faster in heaven and slower upon earth.  This is true to facts of scientists today, while satellites differences are calculated to ensure your computers and other devices that use satellite transmissions upon waves of light (reflection of heavenly) or sound (reflection of earthly). But what does this have to do with the beautiful woman you say?  It's the motion of her dress, that provides us the clues.  We move through our lives over rolling waves.  These waves provide us with a path to follow.  We are connected to each other with stands of silver railings.  This path we endure to serve others, is an unseen road, we must trust (red road).  This is why he (White Willow) knows, but unaware of why.  This is the veil of forgetfulness, that is opened (silver gates), when we trust love and follow this path.   This is our heart, our soul, darkness unseen, that guides us eternally. 

cw:  Brocade is a rich woven fabric, with raised design, like a garden, that is interwoven with gold (freedom in flight, to dream) or silver (law of love, through self awareness and forgiveness) threads.  This interlacing, is what makes the pattern stand up or exist.  This is how our lives are interconnected to each other, in a world that provides gardens of paradise, when love is known.  This is what unites us all, LOVE and DREAMS.

cw:  Upon a hill, a wave provides us with transportation to travel, to vision in our dreams.  At the top of the wave, we must step down into the valleys of darkness, our rivers of paradise.  Here we enter shadows of within, heaven, that can only be seen, when our inner light shines.  A woman is the paradise we return to and go towards in the journey, the darkness of heaven, the fertile valley,where green grass flows. There, the law of love, demands that all the children, the four sacred directions of a garden is interwoven together, the many parts as a whole, of God's kingdom.  

When we are able to walk the red, blue, rise up to be the dream, the golden path, our inner light shines high in the sky, like a risen sun, daylight.  Here we are bright, but unseen in light, but in the darkness, we shine like stars, in the heavens.  The beautiful woman's dress she wore, was the movement of interwoven relatives (brocade, three dimensional, garden rise up to the top of the hill where you shine like a stars in heaven, upon earth), we share our lives.  Her dress was alive, just like we are, very much alive, in dreams we do share (yellow), bonded together (silver), with love.

ww:  The Woman Spoke to me, and though she never actually told me, I knew she was the Goddess herself - The creator in the aspect she chose to reveal to me, My Beloved Venus!  

cw:  Venus, is often referred to as the Morning Star, however, it's not a Sun, it's a planet, that influences our loving nature towards others.  This devoted caring love, comes from this Woman Goddess.  However, this is Great, Great Grandfather Woman, the color of Adam (atom).  She represents the molecular particles, that exist in all of God's Kingdom.  As a Male Soul, she shines brightly like a Sun.  As a Female Flesh, she is the embrace of all particles.  This overwhelming love contains, a balance, where male/female is known.  This is not always so with some of us, as we can often have a female soul and female flesh or vice versa, that influences our beingness, and mission we are to attend to in our life times.  

cw:  Debra the Looking Hallow is the name of this Goddess.  Debra means bee. To bee, is to dream the impossible flight.  We know, dreams do come true.  Debra becomes the dream known, to realize the potential we hold within ourselves.  Hallow is to show respect and great honor.  This reverence is a holy sacrament, we offer for the life stream, each and every particle, "from dust to dust". Here the Great Great Father Debra Looking Hallow is not divided, but always wholeness.  Her soul and flesh, never part, and always exist together bonded.  This perspective offers her the view point of aloneness.  She is not in need of seeking a partner, for she is already partnered as a whole.  She need not seek, for her soul is already bonded to self.  She need not divide her loyalties, because she always stays united with others, in the flowing river of time, our beloved rollings hills, the rainbow colors.  

cw:  Her perspective offers us, a place where there is not division, but perfect unity.  She shares the Dreams come true, when we vision with our hearts and our minds, united shining a great light from within.  Here all is sacred and holy.  All is hallow ground.  We are part of her and she is part of us.  Great Great Father Debra Looking Hallow is our Goddess, who shares with us, the perfection of life, when we know and share blessings that keep us pure in heart, always striving for a dream, that unfolds, as beautiful as any Golden Flower.  

cw:  It is often revealed, the one who shares a perspective with self.  The great great father (Goddess) always communicates with magenta people (White Willow), because they travel along the same path, like green and blue align on the Rainbow.  It's natural, to share, the heart and even the dream, from similar perspectives, as parts of the whole of God's Kingdom. Also in heaven, we know about each other, rather than guessing.  This is eternal knowledge, we are able to read each other's book of life.  Everything we are, including our heavenly name is written in our light body.  This reading, is often read, with a reflection, which means, it's not complete truth, unless it's read by a crystal person (White Buffalo Calf Woman), who carries the perspective of the Oneness of God, this is their duty.  But for the magenta person (White Willow) this ability is gifted to reading the table of contents of the book of life, in order that the great caretaker (magenta people, who teach us to unite our souls with flesh, song and dance together) is able to guide us, towards our path of enlightenment.  The rest of the rainbow colors, read through a process called mirroring, but a moving river reflection, rather than a still pond.  This is not complete truth, however we are able to read each other, to the facts of pureness or impure.  This is often referred to as a sixth sense.  

cw:  With the ongoing evolutionary changes, the folding of heavenly dark space with earthly light space, creates chaos, when we do not trust our feelings.  Children all over the world, and even many adults now are awakening, to our new sensory perceptions.  And the most prevalent is telepathy.  It means we are starting to communicate from inside our minds, rather than with words.  This is how White Willow is able to know, certain words and their meanings, without understanding fully in the physical world of Earth.  We must learn how to stay safe. And it's only through sacred behavior and thought, that allows us harmony, with other states of consciousness and being.  This is trusting God . We are all connected to each other, bonded to love.  This relationship, brings us towards a new age, the golden age of brotherhood (embrace in the outer world, due to the fact that we have resolved the inner world of our souls).

ww: She told me, all the Angels were there to love her, worship her, take care of her every need.  

cw:  It's important to understand, that a woman, especially from heaven, need be taken care of.  However, since she is also, Great Great Father Atum (Adam, Atom), she is a light, that carries a mission.  As we travel, we need others to take care of us.  For the golden age, we enter soon, it's especially a time when we will take care of travelers.  And to be concerned for travelers, who share the good news, carry gifts and presents, story telling and so much more, there is a need to want to impress others in hospitality, to ensure, that the flow continues. Women (dark) naturally take care of men (light). And men (light, flesh, earth)naturally take care of women (dark, soul, heaven). This is common and even understood as it's written across our hearts.  

cw:  Each of us are Angels, when we learn to shine from within.  And when we know,what is written on other hearts, we are concerned for their welfare and safe passageway.  We become devoted servants, who love, worship and take care of all needs of others. This is the jewel of the Atom, "dust to dust". Where we come from (particles of dust), we return towards again.  Where we descend upon the red road, the law of love, that bind us all.  This is the circle of life that continues to flow into perfect snow (crystalline stone river). To attain this perfection of unity one must learn of sacred paths and daily worship rituals as we are all hallow ground, when we share our hearts, as jewels of paradise.  Here we shine light from within, to bring the golden brotherhood of dreams of heaven upon earth to the Kingdom of God.

cw:  It's important to understand, that in the state of atoms, we are completely dependent on others, in the welfare of our lives.  Great Great Father Debra Looking Hallow is to be protected and adorn with Angels who keep close watch over her welfare.  For we begin our dance in the heavens, where the heart of molecules offer us paradise in this world.

ww:  She Showed me that her children were coming home in droves, yet she was sad, so very sad. She is all alone!  In the whole universe, there is just her. 

cw:  Yes, her children, our children, the children are coming home in droves, because it's time to collide.  It's evolution, where we must share space, where once it was in divided states, to a time where we are united, in soul and flesh, to shine.  These children who stand up for what is heavenly and sacred, are those, who shall be guardians and caretakers of the new dawning.  The world of giants, the world of lowly and the world of lamb.  It's a warrior who stands upon the hill to ensure that  law of love is followed. And it's a lamb of God, who bows with humbleness, to behave kindly to others.  We receive and gift, the to and fro, the exchange of love.  We no longer need abuse each other, but instead, we offer the traveler safe passage, upon the roads of brotherhood and justice of sisterhood, we emerge triumphant for a world learning to unite.

cw:  When many of her children do not understand unity, it becomes a lonely place.  We want to share this knowledge, but when our souls have not emerged, we have little wisdom to attain the golden passageway through time.  Remember it's the yellow wave length that provides us with a feeling of freedom in our dreams, the unified red and blue roads that unite (the rising sun, the morning star). Great Great Father Debra Looking Hallow, is ensured a tear or two, showing us, the love of a Mother and a Goddess, who sheds love as a blanket of warmth. Her radiating sun shines in the heavens, where she and many other spiritual beings are looking to descend upon a world, that has not received them in a millennium.  It's about time for us all to return home to each other, towards the heart.  This universe is lonely, where we stand alone in knowledge, but when we share our hearts, we become free, to show compassion and endure all tears to experience paradise once more, our beloved gardens we do stroll together again.

ww:  I don't know why she chose to show me this, but she was sad and I started to sob uncontrollably.

cw:  When we feel what lies on other people's hearts, we show compassion.  This is a genuine response for a Great Caretaker, such as a Magenta person, like White Willow.  We share our hearts, tell each other stories and find respite, in the arms of our relatives.  This is the sanctuary we seek in others.  This is where our hearts turn over, to shine a light from within, walking towards a world, that is sacred, devoted and hallow.  We look with vision in a heart, that shares dreams. For we know, this heart will show us the way!  And as we await, separated from the whole, we feel alone.  We are saddened and our tears, from heaven gift to us a stream of perfection, that we feel in the winds of time over rolling hills again (tears over our cheeks).  This is the greatest treasure, we could ever encounter, true love.

ww:  She walked me over to the gate. As I tried to follow her through the gate, she stopped me. She said I had to come back and tell everyone that the light comes from within.

cw:  We each have a purpose to exist.  Her's (goddess) was to share, the unity of love, that shines from within.  And his (White Willow), who is to deliver the message of this greatness, we all can attain, when we follow the law that binds us together in the kingdom of God, LOVE.

ww:  Told me that I can only go through the gate once. If  I go through I can never come back.  She told me again - the light comes from within, and then she walked away.

cw:  We travel two directions simultaneously. The soul descends towards evolution. The flesh ascends towards enlightenment. Both greet and meet to know wisdom lies within, when we learn to shine from within, a great luminosity, the radiating morning sun, "I am a sun dance". We cannot travel back in time, like many think, but rather move always forwards, meeting the ends of time to greet the beginning of time.  It's a sacred circle that never ends, but is distributed in a perfect world of God's kingdom of paradise, the gardens our hearts heal, protect and emerge once again.

cw:  We are each on our own mission upon this kingdom.  Each partaking in this miracle of dreams.  And when each does it's part, we are a well oiled (anointed) machine. But if one of the parts, do not partake or stand up for his or her own dream, then the rest of us suffer and must pull the weight. We endure, for those who have yet to shine from within.  We follow the red road, the law of love, to lift others, when they themselves cannot find this solemn vow.  It's a holy covenant, the Rainbow Stands, a righteousness, brought forth with love, the heart of man (parents love, for their children, to cherish).  And heaven (soul) arises, within me now, to shine a light from within.

ww:  I came back to myself sobbing, the light outside was so bright it hurt my eyes, then after one huge pain, my headache faded.  I still get so sad just thinking about it and have to fight back tears.

cw:  Heaven is a place that gains a righteous place, when love is known, a cherished home, a place we call our home (den, booth, safe passageway).  Here we realize, that all we do is surmise, when all we needed was love.  Our hearts do blend with the truth, just a reflection in the wind. Mine eyes, have seen the glory, it's a place we call the dawn.  I sea, with sight, the majestic eye, the third sight that tells me shine, the gift of vision is now mine.  Here we communicate our abundant joy, sometimes it floods our eyes.  Tears find a place to sweep and cleanse our grace, to ensure we find the way out, a light from within, shines out. 

cw:  Often when I get too much information at once from the spirit world, or heavenly realm, my third eye or cerebellum (frontal part of brain) starts to ache.  Sometimes, it's comes all at once, where it's hard to endure and a great pain, is felt, like when we eat ice cream too fast, we get a rush of pain to our heads.  This is much like what White Willow experienced. 

cw:  When we share our hearts, we feel compassionate towards their suffering.  This is the tears of loving compassion. However, if we understand, even unite with the whole of God's kingdom, we are part of the treasure, the beloved children.  We stand devoted to this bond eternally.  We shift from tears of sorrow to tears of joy, knowing we shall always be together, yearning to greet and meet our cherished travelers along the path of our existence, our holy dreams.  All that is blue, the seas and rivers between you and me, always find us together again, when we do remember our souls sail again!

ww:  I remembered this vision a few weeks ago after a conversation with my Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman) where I said I felt a light from within.  I said at the time I didn't know where the words came from, then she showed me the domain name is also "a light from within" (rainbow warriors of prophecy), which was given to her too.  This vision pre-dates me finding this group (hoops uniting emerging souls).  And I was originally so amazed about finding My Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman) after dreaming of the White Buffalo Calf, that I sort of forgot about it. 

cw:  When I read this last line I felt a movement sideways in the head.  A crab who lives by the sea, walks with eight legs, thus expressing holiness, to and fro, where the heart sails.   When we align inside (blue and red, soul and flesh), we attain enlightenment, the ninth direction in the halls of consciousness, shining a light all around.   What we originally thought of as a conflict or lesson, eventually turns into wisdom and a sacred treasure. We often experience this movement rising in the west (within our reflection), like the morning star, to shine a light upon the world.  We stand on the western shore, to greet the eastern sun rise, outwardly, to shine like a star in heaven. Each of us is Greatness. Each of us need others. Each of us are dependent on God's will.  The journey of life, offers us a witness, to the sacred and hallow world we share.

ww:  Now I have remembered it.  I just really wanted to pass this on to you all.

cw:  Thank you for sharing!

ww:  My family (relatives) and friends (helpers), Blessed be.

White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound (vine intertwines), Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, the Magenta person, the Great Caretaker.

cw:  My beloved relatives, heroes and worshipers, let us bow down in prayer, to awaken those who live in sin, to be released to the Greatness that lies within, alight that shines like a Sun.  Blessings to the Rainbow Clan. Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, the Crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, alightfromwithin.org, rainbow warriors of prophecy!

The chariots of God, upon which reside beneath the throne of God, where Great Spirits travel throughout the universe over rolling waves of light.

Psalms 104:3  "O Lord my God, thou art great indeed, clothed in majesty and splendor, and wrapped in a robe of light. Thou has spread out the heavens like a tent and on their waters laid the beams of thy pavilion; who takest the clouds for thy chariot, riding on the wings of the wind ; who makes the winds Thy messengers and flames of fire Thy servants ; thou didst fix the earth on it's foundation so that it never can be shaken." 

Interpreted cw:  The chariots of God (vehicles of flight, the breath, referred as the merkaba), upon which reside beneath the throne of God (realms of heaven), where Great Spirits travel (divided light of the rainbow clan) throughout the universe over rolling waves of light.

Interpreted cw: Psalms 104:3  "O Lord my God, thou art great indeed, clothed in majesty and splendor, and wrapped in a robe of light (the buffalo home, the flesh of rainbow colors). Thou has spread out the heavens like a tent and on their waters laid the beams of thy pavilion (four sacred directions); who takest the clouds for thy chariot (embrace of tears, our blue seas and rivers), riding on the wings of the wind (soul flight); who makes the winds Thy messengers (royal true, rainbow warriors of prophecy who talk the walk) and flames of fire Thy servants (walking the talk of the soul, that shines a light from within); thou didst fix the earth on it's foundation so that it never can be shaken (perfection is greatness, in all of us, eternally)." 
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time! 

The angel answered me, “These are the four spirits of heaven, going out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world". Zechariah 6:5 

Spirits Who Fly Welcome Home