White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets Sacred Buffalo Guidance for White Willow, a Magenta Warrior's Vision

Speaking cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother and ww: White Willow

ww:   Great Spirit White Buffalo Calf Woman - I humbly introduce myself. I have left comments on your web site from which I got this email address.

cw: Beloved White Willow (heavenly mission), which means you are the Light of four directions and every seed you plant, grows.  The Willow Tree, has a red bark which is the most precious and holy to use for sacred pipe ceremony. Aspirin was originally derived from this tree.  Also, a tree trunk is the law of love that unites the leaves which reach to the sky, or heaven and roots that reach for the earth. This may be the reason, many call you White Witch unknowing your real name, but somehow realizing with their souls who you are.  You are a Magenta person, which means you are the Great Caretaker and the bridge-way between realms as they cross over, you have access to God as the Great Librarian.  I am the Crystal person, but like you I too have access to God, however, you turn on and off as they cross, to guide other.  I on the other hand, never turn off.  Only a Magenta person, can really understand the ways of a Crystal person, as I read the book of life.  You as a Magenta person reads the table of contents to guide them homeward.  You are the center of the universe and this means as you sit at the horizon of the many splendid colors, truth alludes you, as there are too many rainbow lights. (ask for rainbow four directions examples at http://crystal-indigo-children.blogspot.com)
ww:     My name is xxx(White Willow), I am a child of Nature, a pagan - or in Europe what is often WRONGLY called a white witch. I am an empath, Spirit medium and Spirit healer. I recently, after much dismissal - found my spirit guide. I use a wolf and an eagle to guard the dream lands for me and to keep my spirit safe while i am channeling spirits.

cw: Wolf is the great warrior (http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com/2009/05/brother-wolf-speaks-warrior-freedom.html).  Please read this to learn more about the wolf.  Also Eagle is the representation of holiness, as you are the gatekeeper into paradise, the Lavender people (some wear crowns like Holiness David Running Eagle and Holiness Arvol Looking Horse, some do not, yet all Lavender people are holiness, who purify the world.) The eagle guards the sky and the land, where he can fly with speed using current drafts and spiral down without taking their eyes off the target.  These two guide you perfectly into the world of unity between heaven and earth as space of light and dark fold.

ww: I have had a closed mind for a while now, I thought my faith and my beliefs were pretty much the truth - i now realize how wrong I was. I come to you asking for knowledge and guidance. I do not believe in co-incidence. I believe I have been called by you , through my spirit guide. You will see why when you read the transcript below.

cw: Everything is perfect, and it's really has to do with light.  Coincidence validates our knowledge.  In the old days, people would share visions, and move together because of visions, but now we have all but claimed much separation.  Just two weeks ago, the world entered a new shift, where all are moving inward in order that they may shine the light from within, to move about unified with darkness of heaven the soul and lightness of earth, the flesh (http://whitebuffalocalfwoman.net to read the four roads, red-flesh, blue-soul, yellow-united with dream or rising sun and white-shining within to the without, united in four directions, like your heavenly name.)

ww:    Below is the transcript of a vision that I had the morning after a recent full moon that I recently posted onto a pagan web forum that I am a member of.
ww:     Hiya Everyone - Had my latest vision on Saturday night \ Sunday Morning. Really had to tell you all. As anyone who knows me knows, I have a real problem with the whole aspect of Spirit Guides. It seems that they are always native Americans and never a puchase ledger clerk called shirley from Wolverhampton lol.... So i have always been a bit Sceptical - with this in mind - the irony isn't lost on me lol.....

cw: Native Americans are Spirit or Soul Elders, and this is where wisdom comes, however they are young children of the flesh.  This is why they need protection, but they (red man) must enter their own inner world to unite within to without.  And in a world that rejects the heavenly realm, there is
much wisdom lost.  We all need trust ourselves, our heaven and soul, which is the eternal life and journey.  It is time for us to move from the second rolling hill in time (earthly light) to the third yellow phase of evolution (earthly light and heavenly dark).  When we navigate in darkness we need use our hearts.  And this skill has been dormant for quite a long time, a millennium.
ww:   On Saturday - as it was a full moon, I went outside and had a damn good howl - U should try it - its very therapeutic lol.

cw:   Yes, our voices come from the inner world of our souls.  It is the song of the soul that speaks and knows.  Please ask for your song (http:sacredsongblessings.blogspot.com for examples of warriors song, which is the perfect part of an individual)
ww:     So while I was waking on Sunday - quite early as it was dark outside - I saw the full moon, very silver in a very dark blue sky.

cw:   Full moon is the refection of the world, like we are.  All light is a reflection. Silver is the color of the Rainbows reflection, like a mirror.  The dark blue sky is the heart of the world.

ww: Beneath was an old native American - I don't think he really looked old, but had that feeling of age, rather than looking old. he had a single white eagle feather in his hair, and my Wolf totem, was curled up at his feet,

cw:   Native Americans are Soul Elders who teach us to walk upright in this world, only after they are united within, and have open doors to receive others.  This takes forgiveness of all that has been done to them.  Few are Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  Age is eternal wisdom, regardless of years.  White is the four directions united as One. Eagle is the holy unity of the sacred fire.  Feather is often used to sweep the smoke when smudging signifying freedom with sacred blessings.  The smoke purifies the dark space.  The hair is the antenna to God, access to wisdom. The wolf signifies a warrior who is true, fierce, and devoted as only a relative can be.

ww:  my eagle totem was circling above him. he didn't really speak to me except in pictures and with a form of sign language which made it hard to understand.

cw:  The Eagle is the Godly or Holy flight of freedom of the Soul, the swirling. The soul as it evolves spirals inward and when we move inwards closer and closer, we move faster and faster, like evolution and what we are all feeling right now. In heavenly languages, color, images and sign language tell us the story much faster, like the old adage says, "a picture speaks a thousand words".  This is the heart language of heaven.  Just like you tend to speak in poems or imagery. If you tell me the image or draw them and then send them to me, I can interpret this language of the stars.  Also, if there is a movement with the flesh, then you can explain the movement and I can interpret too. It can be very difficult to understand a language we don't use.  Just like we are talking in English, but imagine I was talking in Chinese and you were talking in English, we wouldn't be communicating very well, until one of us started speaking the others language.  This is the same as the heavenly or star languages.  Again, the colors, images, and sign languages are all part of the heavenly languages.
ww:   He said I had called him, down when I called to the moon and that was how I could contact him, he said it was time, and that things had to be done. he showed me a symbol for my healing (I don't know whether he meant me personally - or whether in passing it around - that would bring comfort) with which i could find comfort in my heart and I could help heal the earth if i showed if to enough people and they could also pass it on.

cw:   He is always the flesh, the realm of lights.  If the moon is the reflection of the lights of earth, then when you look upon the moon and seek, this is a calling of others within our world.  It is time for things to be done, to bring heaven and earth homeward. To unite darkness with the lightness, and we must learn to walk into the valley of the shadows, and only with blessings shall we navigate with our hearts. The symbol is not here and if you could draw the image, I could interpret for you.  Yes, many will need this.  I understand.  Trust this symbol and what he speaks, because you are the Great Caretaker, and it is your job to bring the unity of man together within and without.  In other words, we must dance and sing at the same time.  Like walking with a skip and singing a song together makes us feel good, for JOY is the vehicle homeward.  We shed tears in joy and in suffering.  Joy is an expression of unity.  Suffering is an expression of separation.  Teaching joy and unity within, helps and guides others to be part of the world without.
ww:  I didn't get his name, and he didn't offer it.

cw:   His name is "Kwee tome wah", which means, the "light of the dawn, that shines the morn".  This is the rising star.  The Lakota people call this the Morning Star (eight directions, the eternity symbol).  This is the example of the sacred four directions twice, which means the unification of one plus one, or two.  Two creates life, which creates three, the child is born. Each of us are four sacred directions in the rainbow colors, and when we enter our reflection, we exhibit four new colors, which is a total of eight directions, however we only exist in four directions at a time, like a wave.  When at the top of the wave, we have four colors, and when at the bottom of the wave, we have four other colors, but unified, the flesh and soul, we live eternally.  You know the eternity sign is the number eight sideways.  We are eternal beings, both flesh and spirit, however, we give up our flesh to our children so they may continue on, but our souls, we journey there eternally.  This is our greatest wisdom and assets.  We need learn to trust ourselves, and not discount our hearts, but to express our selves with a voice, like you did with a howl.
ww:   He showed my journey from where I am heading now, then images of where i have come from. He showed me the great spirit - as a great white buffalo, that is what i need to focus on for now. .

cw:   It is wonderful you have this vision and mostly that you wish to share it with others.  WE all need to do this.  The past is the future and the future is our past, when we conceive in the eternal circle of life.  We are presently in the second phase of evolution and entering the third phase, the yellow rolling hill in time, heaven and earth in 2013.  This is why I, white buffalo calf woman, am here now, to bring the great migration homeward.  To show the world, that we need change our perspective into heavenly ways, of sacred and holy unity between our selves and others.

The great white buffalo is the united four directions or roots (legs), when together offer us a family or Rainbow Clan.  The white is the combination of all colors.  These are the colors red, blue, yellow, light and dark.  From these base colors, all life is formed and all variations of colors are known.  The ages of the hoops are known, the blossoming flower, like each of us.

ww: He showed me a white whale, which I think he meant that I have spent time being narrow minded (as in the book MOBY DICK) and chasing a single vision of my faith, rather than looking for more and more answers everywhere. Which has been where I have been stuck for a while now.

cw:   The whale is the long wave of the red road, the flesh. They vocalize long distances, because they follow the long wave, which the color red travels.  You know the astronomers cannot see past the cosmic dust, but recently they learned a new radio particle wave, which travels on the infra red frequency, and now they can see with data, information is being received. This is like the whale.  The elephant and whale both communicate on this long red wave frequency, yet the whale is a creature of the water, the vehicle of the blue of me and you, the deep oceans and blue sky, the reflection of our hearts. Remember the white is the color of the four directions united, the reflection of pure love.  Pure love and white light heals all and growth which comes from this Sun. Many white animals have come to show us the way homeward, including Buffaloes and Whales.

To be a seeker is the greatest endeavor a man can make.  This is the journey of life.  Those who do not seek have no dream.  The dream is what makes us happy.  We are meant to be happy and know joy, when we receive our own hearts and the hearts of others.  This is the way of love and family who live sacred and holy, united in soul and flesh, dancing and singing together.
ww:  He showed me Quan Yin as the Goddess who found and saved me,

cw:  Quan Yin is the representation of Great Spirit Mother.  She is the leader of the heavenly realm. Great Spirit Father is the leader of the earthly realm of flesh and lights.  This is why we all pray to father in heaven.  Now we are looking at Great Mother, who guides our hearts of soul and darkness.  Often when we pray to Great Father, it is Great Mother who comes and saves us.  She never says no, never.  She always saves us, by leaving warriors with us to protect us, however, these warriors often are young and do not stay pure as when she left them, and this is the problem of the world.  We are not sacred and the youth do not walk in pureness, but walk into impureness and only sacredness and blessings will save us from this ignorance.

ww:  and he showed me finally Christ on a crucifix, to symbolise my upbringing.

cw:  Christ is a crystal person, the root word is christal.  There are many of us, including myself.  One in 15 people are crystal people, but to enter self realization is to trust self, as many crystal people have not, just like the rest of the world.  To be on the cross, is the suffering of those who give of love.  We suffer for our children or our families, as we love them.  Christal people suffer for all of the world, as we have no other choice, as we belong to the people and not to ourselves.  However, the cross is the symbol of the tree of life, which reaches into heaven and down towards earth.  When unified, we know love and we endure suffering of those who do not know their way!  You see, Christians are supposed to be the ARMY of GOD.  But to enter this realization means, we need understand evolution.  The crystal doorway into heaven or earth is the door that swings both ways.  Those of heaven descend.  Those of earth ascend. To make Christians enter their realization, we need think of many doors, not one, as they often think of Jesus as the only doorway.  But this is evolution, and he was here to bring us homeward, however, now evolution brings us heaven, the darkness and not only the future but the past of earth, the lightness, which brings us into the third phase.  By your coming into my heart, you have taken the first step towards your realization of being a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy.  We need not reject our past, but understand, the perspective of time.  Many Christians did many things not in the name of God, but in the name of evolution as we were learning to be Great Warriors, to enter the new time we are folding into now.

ww:   He told me that great Spirit is saddened and hurt by how much learning has been lost. All the faiths\beliefs are valid, but are only part of the whole. He told me Great Spirit is waiting and that the time is near - but I don't think Great spirit sees time in the way that we do. It did however imply that things are moving, back to a collective faith, rather than the splinters of belief we put so much faith in.

cw:  Yes, we are all part of oneness or God.  We are the perspective of direction and the rainbow colors of light each of us holds.  This is why we are different, but alike. God tells us we are perfect, as the image of God, "I am".  Yes, the time is near, and we need get prepared.  This is your job, as the Great Caretaker.  It is not easy my love to be what is perfect inside of us all, and to live up to self.  This is all any of us need do.  You are here to guide us all towards this inner unity, to be a shining light outward from within, the rising sun, where the rainbow colors show up at the horizon.  When the sun sets or rises, we look in awe.  And no amount of words can speak of it's beauty.  We hold it in our hearts.
kww:    These are his thoughts and not neccessarily mine - as yet. I believe i am about to start on another journey, I believe that i need to be more open minded, i feel that my eyes are to be opened.

cw:  Yes, we need receive others, this is the way homeward to our own personal evolution of the soul's eternal journey. Yes, a seeker is always eager to learn from others, by being open minded.  Even those who hate can be our teachers.  We need teach validation of others whether good or bad, as we all have a right to our voice.  This is the law of love, the unification of two hearts, then negotiation can occur.
ww:    He told me should I need his advice, he is there and I now know how to call him. He turned away with the wolf and eagle following him. Then i woke.

cw:  How wonderful, and now you know his name and understand all he brings to you in his imagery.  His name is Kwee tome wah, which means, the light of the dawn, that shines the morn.  This is the rising star.  The Lakota people call this the Morning Star (eight directions, the eternity symbol).
ww:    Normally my visions don't stay lucid for long, I often wake unable to recall anything, with a splitting headache, I sort of remember them in pieces, like after a heavy night out. I woke and the memory is full, I have total recall I believe, he showed me that if I place my right hand over my heart, and draw diagonally, with the 3 middle fingers in one stroke,  that I will feel at comfort & at ease. This is what the 3 marks in the healing represent, the single line represents the individual and the circle represents, the collective & the earth - anyway, the symbol is attached below, please tell me your thoughts.

cw:  Did not receive the image, would you please send it again! Also, the splitting headache is too much input at the third eye.  I ask the Oneness to slow down.  And if that doesn't work, blessings always.  The heart of three is joy, heaven and earth.  Remember one plus one, equals two who bring a life into being, the child, the rising sun (right hand over my heart, and draw diagonally, with the 3 middle fingers in one stroke). He really cares about you!  And am so happy you have found him.   
Love always, White Willow XXX
ww:     It is because of this vision, that I have sought you out. I am eager to learn more. In the West, we say we are civilized. Yet there is crime, poverty, injustice and disease for all but the very rich. Greed and money are now rulers of the western world, not democracy, not royalty. Enough is enough. I beg for the simple things, a roof over my family's head, the feeling of safety, enough food to eat and no more. I am aware that in meeting these demands alone - I am in the 5% richest people in the world - why would I need more.

cw:  Heaven is coming homeward, and all that is impure will be cleansed.  This is the great migration.  Those who learn to be sacred and move with the heart will know how to navigate and fold within space.  Those who do not learn will not be fit.  Survival of the fittest, that's the way it works.  The laws of the universe are changing and we must adapt to all we need to flow.  Right now there is a need to know how to survive, with true relatives.  Those who will protect your back and know how to manage their own space.  When darkness comes, we can only navigate with the heart, for our eyes will not give us sight, and only vision of the heart will guide us home.  There is so much of prophecy fulfilled right now, yet so many just turn their backs to their own desires.  We need dedicated Rainbow Warriors to walk with us.

ww:     My heart is sad that there are so few people who have faith in any Gods, my heart is sad that these people need "things" to bring them joy, rather than seeing the miracles that are performed for them every day. My heart is sad that Mother earth is raped and violated every day to bring these "things" to the masses.

cw:  Having faith in God, regardless of religion has been blinded by the fact that so many who are ordained by man are breaking laws, as this is the time of renegades.  However this does not look well upon those who are faithful to Oneness or God.  Having blessings, the give and take are the only way to live in the new time.  We are entering the Golden Age of Brotherhood.  And this is the period and rolling hill, our eternal soul has been waiting for.  This is the place many want to be, but will not know how to get there.  This is why we need those willing to learn new skills and use new abilities, like little children who walk with God.     

ww:     I am looking for answers - I am happy to tell you about my faith, where I am at the moment, what my particular beliefs are - then you can hopefully fill in the gaps. I wait with eagerness for your reply.

cw: Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter  


ww:  Blessings, White Willow

cw:  I bless you when you go.  I bless you when you arrive.  I bless your sacred feet.  I bless the sacred sky.  I bless the day of dawn.  I bless the sacred night.  I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind.  I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds.  I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

Warriors of the Earth  

Sing a song, and get along, to have joy in life, full of tears, because you know, the sacred flow is all we have to get us home! Dance all day, and learn to play, with all you do and think and say, because we need love to please, to open hearts and doors to be! Welcome all your relatives, into the heart of all your sin and say, "I love you this very day" and "I won't let you get away!". I will fight for love this day, I will fight to show the way, because I am here to love you dear, my heart that sheds so many tears. And when we hope to comfort folks, then we will be prepared to say, "Come pray with me, learn joy to speak, and song and dance will keep us in relief". Whisper song and let a breeze come home to know your knees, where prayer is your living sacred breeze!

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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