White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

White Willow Visions Black Horses, Raven and Carriage of Heaven

Blessings Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),
I hope the Day finds you in good health.  I apologize in advance for taking up so much of your precious time. But to date - you are the only person who has made sense to me.
You're held in my warmest thoughts, and my highest regards.
Keith White Willow

Recently I have been posting about some of the visions I have been getting. They used to be very few and quite far between, Also I used to have to purposely meditate in order to receive them.

1. My Uncle who Passed just over a year ago came to me in a dream about the end of June. He told me there was going to be a baby girl in the family and I was given the 17th July. I have been given dates and Occasions a lot over the last few yrs . Including the date that my Uncle was going to pass - even tho it appeared he was getting better. I'm normally within a week or so of the date that the event happens So I sent a message to let his wife know, and she told me I was wrong, Her eldest daughter was carrying a little boy - but they had been keeping it quiet, she said she wasn't due till 19th August. So - it was a month off, and the wrong sex. but no-one else in the family knew and i left it at that. on the 18th of July, Her youngest daughter - who didn't even know herself that she was Pregnant- gave birth to a baby girl - whom she has called Grace.

1. It doesn't seem unusual for a Magenta person, like yourself White Willow to receive information from the realm of darkness, our heaven.  Although, neighbors, friends and relatives, who are attached to those who are loved ones, will usually deny the call of death, even if it is impending.  They just can't receive, as this is a motion of the heart, since we are in the second phase of evolution until 2013, when darkness makes it's complete folding with light.

Another thing, the light world is the reflection of heaven the dark world.  And many Natives have understood, that if you are female on this side, you are male on the other side, however this isn't always true.  But what is recognized, is the reflection.  You know, when we look into the mirror, we don't see truth, but the reflection of the truth, or we see things backwards.  Try writing something, then looking at it in the mirror, it can be difficult to read backwards and upside down.  This is what most of us do, when we get information from heaven, then we usually get our own lights (rainbow colors) involved, and the next thing you know, you have many voices and interpretation.  This can be very difficult for the Magenta person, because you tend to be the horizon, and center of the world, where all the bright lights glow.  Also, the Magenta person, tends to read the book's table of contents, just enough, to guide others towards their destiny.  You know, when God seems all knowing, then all of the sudden, it's gone.  This is when someone passes over the bridge, between one realm to the other realm, regardless of what direction.

2. Beginning of July - My dad took ill. He had a heart attack, and a collapsed lung - completely from out of the blue. He died a couple of times in Hospital, but pulled through. I immediately asked My coven to power up a healing cone, I wrote a spell to help him get better - and the next day I went to see him,  he was out of his bed being a right grumpy pain in the ass - so, an almost total recovery in less than 24hrs.  I went home and as I was feeling bit wasted I had a lay down.

2.  Healing is like magic, natural.  Doctors and Clergy don't really understand magic, as they want to force, their beliefs on others. Healers call upon the dark and light forces to bring others healing.  The problem, with healing most of the time is that healers, tend to use their own energy, rather than using the ill person's energy.  And this completely drains the person offering the healing. The ill person, has much more energy, that usually is blocked up, which needs only be released.  However in order to do this, you need carry a mental healing circle, which means, you send energy out one place in your body (touching or not) and receive on on another end of the body (if touching, make sure, you are only touching two points, as more points, will also gather energy too).  You know acupuncturists, used to use two points only and now a days, they use so many needles, and this is a lack of skills, during our modern age, as ancient knowledge has left us, and is now finally coming back to us. Healing, is both beneficial to the healer and the healed.  And if you are not being healed, then you did not use the eternal circle of life. This is a very important teachings for healers. Energy is energy, regardless, of how it is transformed. It just moves, and when it does, it should give life, regardless of the reason. It's like a river, always moving, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and at times it dries up and sometimes it's blocked, but always changing.  Our healers need understand, that motion is the healing, and this is all we need know and practice, to bring harmony into motion.

3. The vision I had lasted only a couple of seconds, but I seemed to lose about 40 minutes. It was all in Sepia (a brown wash that looks like old photos) it was a black carriage being pulled by 2 black horses. It had ravens where the driver should have been. It was waiting outside an old house. Its a house i have seen before - i know exactly where it is. I was told there wasn't long, and that preparations had to be made before he could move on. I took it to mean that my dad had not so much recovered, but had been given a bit of a reprieve.

3. Sepia is colors of black (really blue) and white, with a radiance of red.  In other words, you saw the horizon of heaven and earth, where light of the red rising sun, shown through.  Why here?  Well it's because you are the Magenta, and for you, this is the most clear place to vision, because most of the time, you see, in many radiant colors.  This is the closest for you to travel in Grandmother space, or the embrace of our dreams, who offers our course in destiny. Which door do we travel, as Grandmother will guide us homewards.

Black carriage, is heaven that moves.  It holds us, like an embrace, like the stars in the heavens are carried along with the embrace of the darkness all around it.  We are able to measure darkness now in our times, and it's everywhere, it's just we don't sea it, and some of us, can visualize it (Indigos, Magenta's, and Crystal people usually.  Even those from heaven, the parents, like cosmic mother and father and grandparents can usually have this eternal knowledge.)  However, it's a growing time of heaven merging with  earth and the light and dark are folding upon itself, or becoming one. This is what all of us are feeling and experiencing, and before long, all of us will be walking in visions, and it's so important for us to share, and not think, that their vision is all knowledge.  All knowledge comes when we share our visions with each other.  However, it is the crystal person, who can know and receive truth, of the heavens and earth, like a person, who can confirm, like myself, because we are connected to overlapping space (Einstein-Boses theory helps to explain). This means, we are everywhere at one time, we are not separated from anything ever.  This is a lot of information, however for Crystal people, we need only focus on what to look at.  It's like going to a library, to see all the books, and deciding which book to open and read.  The Magenta person, is called the Great Librarian, because you have the ability to guide the "books of life" each person or entity in the proper place.  The Crystal person, only reads the books (holy interpreter), but the Magenta person, guides where the "book of life" is best to go and be with others, like you White Willow.

Black horses, numbered by two.  Horses represent the soul journey, and if two are here, then two soul journeyed, however this means that there is communication, or unity of two heavens.  Like souls who have reached a place to journey together, a sort of embrace and knowing.

Ravens black driving the black carriage.  Ravens, like crows represent the heavens, but also the space, the Grandmother space, where dreams come alive.  Grandmother guides us homewards towards our dreams, whether in heaven or earth.  She cradles us, when we feel sad, angry or need to look for knowledge, she offers us stories, to show us the right way, and when we are naughty, she makes us feel okay, that we need only learn from our mistakes and every thing will be alright. A raven is larger than a crow, and this represents vastness. Here the unity of vast space is upon us all.  We are here to recognize, the heaven within us and the heaven that holds us.  When we unite these heavens, the soul of our selves and the souls of all other life, we realize, we are never alone.  This is the wisdom of an elder, or one who does what they say.

One of the things many want to do is soul flight, however, they think they can just fly anywhere in the universe they want.  And this is true, however is we travel alone anywhere we want, there need be precautions we take, by being with others, in public places.  When we travel alone we risk being unsafe.  That is why we need learn to travel in packs, like our wolf warriors show us.  When we travel with others, we tend to be safe, but when we don't we risk being harmed, because we don't know who is out there, good or bad.  This is why as parents, we tell our children not to go with strangers, because we never know if they are good or bad.  But if we pray and bless, the knowing becomes clear.  We trust the heaven or darkness which is blessed, and not the darkness that is not safe.  Blessed darkness is home, the embrace of Grandmother space.  And those who are not blessed, well we need teach them the way home, with sacred behavior with fire, the Red Road, the law of love with sacred blessings!  We invite everyone homeward into the new time, the third phase of evolution, the dawning, the place dreams come true, with heaven and earth.

Ravens by two, is the upper heaven and lower heaven which embrace us, offer us a place to have dreams, for a star to be born.  When you look into the night sky, you see many stars, but you see much more dark space, than light.  This is the same as with us, we are more dark space than light space.  And our rainbow colors only guide us towards our journey, with a perspective, like viewing a movie.  Some recognize one event, while others recognize others, and this is because we are different rainbow colors, with different guidelines, but all of us, are perfect, as the image of God, "I am".

Your rainbow colors are Magenta, blue, yellow, and gray.  Magenta's listen and can hear the voices of all of heaven, when they pass over the bridge between realms.  Blue is the reflection of light, you know, when light bounces off the water. Why do you think our world is mostly water?  Because it is what allows us to be who we are, Rainbow Colors, in a living dream on Earth.  The blue is the heart of the people, and this makes you feel the heart of everyone. However this is the light or maleness of your first three colors, which makes it difficult to understand the darkness or soul of self.  It's only when you concentrate, you can see or hear, the manifestation of the soul world or darkness.  The yellow is the dream, the uncomfortable step forwards into the new time.  When many don't want change it is the yellow who takes the step forwards. Yellow Chief says it this way, "I accept this challenge!"  How could we not walk into our dreams and destiny?  We who carry yellow, as I do too, are the ones, who carry the dream, the unification of light (earth)and darkness (heaven). Now all this light, is male and since your flesh is male too, you tend to be very male. You are focused and go right towards your goals, without distractions, this is a male light and soul, that you are. Now gray is the representation of Grandmother space, and each of us are embraced by darkness of heaven.  We must carry gray in order for us to exist in the garden of paradise, Earth.  Sow, everything you see, anything, your eyes can vision upon this earth, carries gray, as Grandmother space, for we are the grandchildren of our dreams.

The two black horses, two black ravens, pulling the black carriage, pulled up outside to an old dark house. The old house is the representation of God's palace.  We all have a house, it's called our bodies, some call it a holy temple, within us all.  But a house generally has four sides, like the four sacred directions. This house of our soul has four sides, and the house of our flesh has four sides and when the two houses, join together, the soul and flesh, we become the rising star.  The Lakota or Spirit of the Lake people, understand this as the Morning Star, with eight points.  This is how the universe is divided up, into eight equal parts, where all of us live.  This is the perfection, for us to live within and without. To be like an Elder, who does what they say.

You notice the world, says one thing and does another, this is the lack of unification to our souls. Our flesh is so busy functioning, that reflection and meditation is not part of our existence. This time is changing for us all, because unification is what the folding of dark space with light space is forcing us all to change or evolve.  Evolution is nothing we can change, but move with, like the river, who must move and change seasons, like all of us, no matter how much science we know, evolution is always one step ahead of us,  because it takes the entire universe, the knowledge of oneness, to be known, what we call science.  And as you know, we are always one step behind the knowledge of God.

As humans, we often have visions or stories, to compel us forwards.  This is a language of the heavens, but as you know, there are so many languages, even on Earth, that we must understand, there are also many languages of heaven.  Like you are having visions, and you also bring us symbols, both a heavenly language, and this is what Crystal people do, is interpret these heavenly languages. Most of us, just have a knowing, but to explain, like I do, is not with all Crystal peoples yet, but in the next phase of evolution, when the mathematical perfection is known to all (ask a Jew to come to get the gift, the mathematical perfection), then we all will have a better understanding of the universe, especially when we shall all be part of each others knowledge. It will be a time, when hiding and lies of deception, have no viable sustainability, because each of us will recognize truth, as some of us are learning now, like being children, who remember the heaven's universe.

Realizing you took it to mean that your Father did not have much time to recover and you thought this meant a reprieve from his illness, however, you need realize, that you are a messenger for all of humanity.  The White Willow, belongs to the world, as you are the star that plants all the seeds of your love.  As a male both heavenly and earthly, a mission is on your will, and to deliver your message is the priority of your life, especially since, we are in a very important time of prophecy, as we move from the second phase, the seed of warrior development, of evolution to the third phase of evolution, the dawning of our souls, the golden time of brotherhood.

You were told, there wasn't much time or a very long before preparations need be made, before we could he could move on.  He is the mission, the light of the Rainbow Clan.  We are the light, that needs to make preparations, with our flesh in order for our dreams.  There is a book written by Thomas E.Mails, The HOPI Survival Kit, who prepares the people of the new coming times.  However Ancient teachings, do not really prepare us for a new age, because walking and talking sacred is a lifeline learning.  We as a people of Earth, do not recognize Ancient teachings as something we need follow.  It is told that when we see the Red Star in the sky, it will be too late to prepare.  And this means, we need to prepare now.  To prepare, we need realize and awaken with our souls intact, and to stop ignoring ourselves. Each of us have souls, a heaven, within us, and now we need practice this soul's knowing, with wisdom of the Ancient teachings, walk and talk sacred (wakan tankan), this is the way of the wise men and women, who will listen to their own souls.  The simplest way to keep our flesh or light of our bodies safe, we need to start blessing everything, everywhere, everyone and all the time.  I tell others to start blessing every hour of every day.  This one event, will change our lives.  Learning to walk and talk sacred allows the wind of God's cleansing to flow through us, rather than destroying us.

The two black ravens, guiding us with the two black horses and black carriage waiting outside of an old house at night, shows us all that our very darkness or heaven is necessary to be part of us.  We who don't start to recognize our souls, and start to listen to the perfection of the house of God, the darkness of heaven, will not survive.  It's that simple.  We are part of evolution, and those who partake and move within the changes of paradise, will survive.  And the only way to know this way is to unite the darkness of our souls of heaven, with our lightness of our flesh of earth, to be the rising of the golden sun, to know our own ancient wisdom.  Blessings have been proven to by Dr. Emoto, who studied water crystals. The perfect six sides of water materialize, when we bless, like the Star of David, which means the merging of heaven and earth, our luminous and numinous unite and communicate.  Water is our blessings, from our souls, our feelings.  Each of us deny our feelings, instead of sharing.  Sharing our visions, stories and troubles, help us to unite in flesh and soul.  Like your personal relatives, who show you, what happens, when we don't listen to each other.  We need to listen to our relatives and share our hearts. But if we continue to ignore and don't bless, how can we ever know our ancient knowing, from our souls?  Trusting our Soul knowing, means we live sacred and bless all the world, good, bad and ugly to unite us as One Family.

4. The next day - we found out that my Brother in law (who has since Passed on 21st October) was in the advanced stages of Lung Cancer. its not as yet terminal, but its not operable. He has been for testing, and we are awaiting on the results. I'm still not sure who the coach is waiting to collect - my hunch is still on my Dad (Who as of me sending you this - is still alive).

4. The coach is waiting for all who are not going to walk and talk sacred, whom are going to heaven.  And this means a whole lot of people around the world.  There will be few people, left, because these are the ancestors of a new age.  All who do not make it, will have to be reborn, into a new millennium.  They will be reborn into a new walking and talking, or sacredness. Your family are teaching you of up and coming events.

As always, Blessings on you.
XXX White Willow

Interpretations for White Willow provided by your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
http://alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 

Magic, Healing, Creation.  If a raven totem has come into our life, magic is at play. Raven activates the energy of magic and links it to our will and intention. With this totem, we can make great changes in our life; the ability to take the unformed thought and make it reality. The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring out the light of our true self; resolving inner conflicts which have long been buried. This is the deepest power of healing we can possess. Written by the Totem Medicine Cards.

Warriors of the Earth  

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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