White Willow brings the Trumpet Sound to tell the world it's time to come home. And we who hear the call of souls, from Earth rush home to Heaven sent. Our Souls have come to unite within, to call of Angels who never sin, because we Bless and Bless each day, to bring the hearts of those dismayed, and say my Brother and Sister, there is a better way. Unite in arms and embrace each day, and hold the light up to the night, and say, "We are going to be a Saint today, because we long for Better ways!"

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

White Willow Visions the Healing Protection Symbol

Blessings Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),
I hope the Day finds you in good health.   I sent you the healing symbol I received from my guide awhile ago and as yet have heard nothing from you. I do appreciate that you are very busy trying to heal the earth - therefore would respectfully request if its possible you can click on the attachment to this email called healing symbol in response to that translation and also the attachment called Protection symbol once you have read this email.

You're held in my warmest thoughts, and my highest regards.
White Willow (kww)
Magenta Warrior bringing prophecy to us all...

Beloved White Willow, 
The healing protection symbol has been on my mind, as it must be on your mind too.  As always, trying to get back with you as soon as possible in these times of overwhelming times of prophecy.  You are here to guide us all in your visions, and it seems that this is a difficult task to undertake, however, a blessed journey that we all need to deliver the good news.  After delivering this message, I hope that you continue to send other visions to share, to expose, the wondrous journey that is ahead, for all of us.  To be part of heaven is not an easy matter, but a sacred journey of new golden dreams.

Your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw), your Twin Deer Mother
Elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org prophecy of rainbow warriors

White Willow (kww): My vision on Monday!

ww: Also a ring, but no hand this time, it was a ring made of a white metal, in the center was a big oval shaped piece of opal,

White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw): White is the color of all colors, the combination of the red, blue, and yellow.  The full spectrum of sunlight, now a days called "full spectrum lighting".  Even children in classrooms, who once used incandescent (light bulb usually yellow) and florescent (tube bulb, typically blue) which does not allow the others colors to enter the spectrum, often did not promote good health.  Full spectrum (even unseen colors in sunlight, or white light) allows the colors that a body needs, that may be missing, to allow healing.  This is what a rainbow person does, by rotating colors, the person is healed, because the missing colors are added to complete the colors needed for full spectrum, white light.  White metal is symbolic of the rainbow, which is the reflection of all lights, like a mirror you look at, has a silver colored surface to reflect back the many myriad colors of white light. 

cw: A ring signifies that it is worn on the fingers, that grasp and hold onto things, like the need to hold a pencil to write or communicate.  But also, the flesh body, that is made of pure light.  These are called the "tools of light", our Rainbow Colors.  The seen colors are many, but then there are many that are unseen too.  But the circle of a ring shows that it continues onward, one color at a time, to complete the circle of life.  This is evolution. As the days, turn over, to months, to seasons, so does our lives, over rolling hills, or wave forms, how light travels. We continue as a species, to explore and journey our personal evolution, with the relationship of the Oneness that is external. The micro meets the macro, and all is part of each other.  This the blossoming of a flower, that unfolds and creates motion over time, the bud to the flower, to the seed, to the flowing journey, and then to be born again, to start the whole cycle again.  This is perfection, in each thing, belonging to God, or the Oneness of relatedness, called relative.  Einstein a crystal person, called this space-time, but the time is the journey, and where we journey inside of is our space.  Time is the light, and space is the dark.  Our earth of flesh (light) and heaven of our souls (dark).  To embrace is the greatest joy, to have the journey and know the blessings of life, we call humanity. Our ability to grasp, not only with our flesh, but our minds, promotes a sense of wonder of all things in our universe whether small or large.

cw: Now the wondrous stone of Opal, shaped oval.  If you look at this stone, usually it is the white based with many colors, that twinkle and reflect, just like us, humans.  We are all part of the rainbow colors, that twinkle like a star from heaven, coming down to the earth over rolling hills, to embrace and communicate with our flesh or light bodies. Opals do however sometimes come with a black base, but is more rare, than white Opals. 

cw: Opals are known for their Divination and prophecy values, just like you, the Magenta Warrior, who brings to us prophecy with the horizon, the place of all colors.  And like white light, balances chakras or heals the center of self, just as you are the center of space, where all cross over from one realm to another realm.  Opal are known to aid in channeling and teaching truths to others, with psychic journeys as we cross over.  It offers us an anchor of hope as the Great Caretaker, the Magenta person does for each of us.  This stone is often called the stone of the cupid, but I would say, it's more the unification of differences, as the Magenta person, offers us the realm of heaven within our earth.

cw: Opal (milky white with spectral colors) in also known as "The Gem of the Gods" because of it's mystical significance, where all cross over, regardless of what realm, heaven or earth. Opal is thought to aid in psychic vision and to have the power to open the spiritual centers, the journey of life, the eternal circle.  As stated before, it is also believed to heighten weak emotions and to strengthen the memory, but only in that it reflects all the colors, as white light, the healing force of the universe, the fire of the sacred blessing.

cw: The composition of Opal stone is Hydrous Silica, a form of crystal, however it is not a pure crystal, because it's hardness is 5.5 to 6.5, which means it's a semi-precious stone.  This allows, the imperfections, to be visible, and to refracts knowledge of the realms of the underworld, our lower heaven, where Iron and Aluminum, base metals, are formed, to purge, with fire blessings, the perfection of a crystal when separated, but binded, allows us to experience the ups and downs of our lives, and to choose, the sacred blessings of God's laws.

cw: Very small silica spheres in the arrangement of Opal allows diffraction of light in the spaces between them.  Different colors are the result of different sized spheres. For example, the color violet comes from an arrangement of spheres which have diameters of 1,500 angstroms, and red comes from spheres that have diameters of 3,500 angstroms. These are wave forms, the "tools of light", the Rainbow Colors of Humanity.

cw: Metaphysical properties represents purity and intensity, although, we know, it's due to the variables that create the perfect rainbow effect, just like we experience at the horizon, each morning and evening, as the sun passes between the light and dark, or realms of heaven and earth. It is said to assists in emotional and mental balance, to calms the inner soul and facilitates actualization, just like the Grace of God, the Magenta person, who is the great librarian, who cares for the books of life, each of us, including the small things of life, like rocks and plants.  As a tool maker, the Magenta person is able to forge, the world around them to serve others in their needs, including the spirit of all life, great or small, again, the micro or macro of life.  The Magenta person is an excellent person, to assist development for progress and expansion, teaching us to integrate, both worlds, the flesh and the soul.  To sing and dance, to know joy in all of life, the eternal circle we journey. The Opal stone, helps us to realize the wonder of the Magenta Warrior who always helps others connect the conscious and subconscious and providing for a clearing understanding of oneself, as the Great Caretaker, the librarian, who guides us along our journey. As a great talker, they often can say anything, better, than others, who can facilitate communication between the Earth plane and the Heaven plane, as they often hear and sing the songs of the universe of Oneness, as they cross over the bridge. As one learns to harness this force of power, the Opal teaches the Magenta person, to clear and brighten the aura and stimulate healing, the "tools of light". Magenta people access spiritual guides and animal guides, often used in medicine-wheel ceremonies to stabilize energy of the continuum.

cw: The light travels as the flesh, where we embrace, but the soul or the darkness of our unseen heart, is what travels along this light wave. It is our voice, that allows us to have order and understanding of our separate worlds, now folding together as One space, we call Oneness. As light is a curative when we carry disease, or lack of color in the rainbow, Opals and Magenta people are curative, who heighten our weak emotions and strengthens our memory, because we remember our beingness is here for a much greater purpose, the knowledge of our souls, our heaven, upon the rolling hills of time.

cw: Opal was originally known as the "ophal" derived from the word, "opothalmos" meaning, the "eye".  Here the vision is not of our light, but our vision of our souls, known as the third eye.  This knowledge comes from the heart, and not the sight of colors. But it is color that carries, these vibrations, into new and exciting realms of reality. In ancient times, Opal was said to be intimately connected with a belief in the Evil Eye, because a superstition developed causing ill luck if gazed upon the stone of knowledge.  This had to do with the ignorance of darkness, as always impure, but as with all things, blessings of the darkness bring all things, homeward, to Oneness, when there is separation in the center of space. Not good or bad, but light and dark, the heaven and the earth, the many differences of the same perfection of all beings. It is the gem of love, like the Great Caretaker, who loves us all, and teaches us to be good to each other and to listen with our hearts, and vision with our eyes, we are more apt to be faithful lovers of life our our spouses.

cw: Opal (SiO2 .nH2O) is known to be 50-65 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Opal is formed as silica from decomposing rocks mixed with ground water which formed a silica gel that collected and hardened in underground cavities and fissures thereby creating different volumes or radiants of crystal forms. These silica particles are packed in regular rows and layers and moving the stone causes light to diffract, or split, as it grazes the opal surface. This light diffusion shows iridescent flashes of green, blue, aqua and sometimes yellowish or red colors which are referred to as "fire".

cw: Black Opal is the most rare and a more valuable opal. Fine quality black opals often cost more per carat than diamonds. The term black opal is misleading because the opal is not actually black, but instead has a very dark base. This dark base enhances the brilliant colors known as "fire". Because of the uneven layers, sometimes part of the ironstone is visible on the surface of the stone accounting for its brilliance and rarity. Light opal is the most common type of opal found and refers to both the crystal type opal (translucent) and the milky opal (opaque) and generally less expensive than gem quality light opal. However brilliantly colored light opals may be quite expensive with a value exceeding some Black and Boulder Opals. Brilliance or luster is one of the primary factors that determine an opal's value. An opal with strong intensity and color play adds more value.

cw: Opals are porous and will absorb moisture, such as perspiration although this is not true of all Opals.  To change the water content locked in an opal's tiny voids it must be heated to extreme temperatures and thus again, the fire blessings, purifies, the impurities, to bring us back to the circle of life, the Oneness of perfection along the crystalline stone river.

Some stories from around the world:
Opal also takes its name from the Latin word Upala meaning precious stone. The Roman scholar Pliny described opal as ring having the fire of carbuncle (a deep red garnet) and the brilliance of amethyst with the green color of emerald. The Romans believed opal was the symbol of hope and purity. They called it cupid paederos (child as beautiful as love) and thought the wearer safe from disease.

The Arabs believed that opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning. Ancient Greeks also believed the opal had the power of giving foresight and the light of prophecy to their owners. Cleopatra is said to have worn an opal to attract the attention of Mark Anthony,
again, to show us the power of fusion, the realms of love that cross all boundaries, between the realms of luminosity and numinosity.

Aborigines believe they have lived in Australia since the beginning of all creation. This culture has produced many myths and legends about opals over this span of time and the Aborigines believe the opal has a spiritual value. They believe the opal represents something an ancestor left behind as a sign of his or her presence. The Wangkumara people have a legend which tells how their people gained fire from opal stones, with the assistance of a Muda - a Creator who switches from human form to pelican.

This story is preserved in a book of Aboriginal legends, titled 'The Opal that Turned into Fire', compiled by Janet Mathews and published by Magabala Books. This legend recounts how the Wangkumara people decided to send a pelican (Muda) to explore the Northern Territory, so he could return and tell them what was there. The pelican set off with all the fish (journey of lights) and water (soul of the heart) he would need for the journey stored in the pouch beneath his beak. After flying a while the pelican felt ill and landed on top of a hill that the Wangkumara later named Bildimini. While resting the pelican observed the ground beneath him and was amazed by its magnificent array of colors.

Although he did not know it, what he saw was opal. The pelican was so curious he began to peck at the colored stones with his beak. Suddenly, a spark flew out and lit the dry grass nearby. The flames rose and spread slowly across the plains approaching a group of Wangkumara who were camping near Cooper's Creek. The people were able to use the fire to cook their meat and fish for the first time, and were grateful for this new gift.

Another legend tells how an earlier Muda, also in pelican form, created Cooper's Creek for the Wangkumara and filled it with fish. Wounded by a spear, this Muda died on the hill that would be called Bildimini. His blood and the water in his pouch flowed down the hillside, soaking into the earth and hardening into opal and gold.

cw: In this last story, the blood, or flesh of lights, and water, the soul of the heart, in the darkness flow together down the hillside, as the crystalline stone river.  As it becomes the earth, the fire blessings harden the opal into gold, the sum of brotherhood where heaven reigns over a new land.  This is the balance of perfection, where separation can be brought together again, if we learn to practice our ceremonies, of sacredness into holy transformation, into the white light of the sunlight, to make us be whole again and healed.  

cw: Remember the shape of the stone you visioned was oval shaped, it's like the pattern of the universe, the orbit of the planets and stars.  The north and south are not upright, but at an angle.  This allows for the folding of space, to create patterns of light, to communicate the perfection between each other, the very journey we experience, with the law of love.  There is a folding from north to south, but also a folding from west to east, and this causes waves, the horizon where all the bright and dark colors of the universe collide and bind together as the center of space.  When the green and blue collide, it's known as the fountain of our eternal youth.  When the green of the reflective crystal provides light, and the blue of the deep dark waters merge together, there is fire and water, the heavenly and earthly coagulation of a blessing.  The very same experience that is sacred to the Native American in the Pipe ceremony, when smoke arises into the winds of time, we are beings of spirits who fly in space, over rolling hills of time.  And the similar experience, when the sacred "Inipi" or Sweat Lodge is performed to unify the hot rocks created in the fire (light of flesh), to unite with the waters (dark of soul), to create steam (united as the law of love), to entice the vision quest.  This is the sacred blessings, the Magenta person, brings to us all, when he shares the stories of both realms, and brings them unified as Oneness.  It is the Oval of the circle of life, where evolution folds on it's self and with others around us, this brings unity and faithfulness to all things, as the spirit of the God (oneness).

ww: it was held in place by being surrounded at the edges in another piece of metal, folded over so the stone couldn't come out. As I lay there in this very strange state of not being awake, but being totally aware I heard a voice behind me, telling me not to worry and that he was there to protect. I couldn't look behind to see who it was because of the light.

cw:  As explained above, the Opal is always confined to the earth of metal ores, which bind together and help refract various light sources or wave forms.  This world of awakeness and not awakeness is where we can awaken our spirits to transform into the unity of Oneness.  During these states of twilight, we can listen with our hearts, and embrace with our flesh, the sacred blessings, that protect us all. Light has a way of tricking us, as it can change shape and create illusions, the great magic of God, however, when we bless, this space and time, we are safe in the knowledge of wisdom, as the ages of time, provide us, as we get older.  It is the older generation, who have journeyed to give us knowledge, just like it is the soul's realm to have access to knowledge, when we know of the rising sun, within to be the Great Star of Heaven that twinkles in the night, where light and darkness become ONE.

ww:  I was told that if I found a ring like that, I should keep it. I should tell everyone that Michael the protector said I should wear it.

cw:  Micheal is Hebrew which means "sojourner" or the journey over the bright lights, our flesh, and the  origin of the meaning "who resembles God", the image of "I am".  In the bible Micheal is the archangel, or a principal (royal prince, and relative pal meaning relative of the heart of God) who defeats the dragon, or the aqua or waters of the soul, that have become impure in the world, with the sacred breath of the fire, the sacred blessings from God, which binds the pure of light, with the impure of darkness to be pureness of the holy transformation of the sacred image, "who resembles God", the "I am".  We can defeat, the impure of the world, and bring them home, as true blue royal warriors, who fight for love, to bring the entire Oneness home to be together.  It is ignorance, of the blessings and sacred ceremonies, which blind us to the realization of our Greatness, and the wisdom of the eternal ages in the oval (tipped or evolution) circle of life.

ww:  In front of me - a sword appeared, then 2 wings crossed over in front of the sword. I asked what he was doing, he just said - protecting, I asked who - he said - ALL OF YOU! he showed me a symbol to use in my healing. I have drawn  it below.

cw:  A sword is the tool of the crystal person, who can sever ignorance (law of love), to create the perfect unification to the crystalline stone river we all journey together.  But it is the magenta person, who guides us towards this journey for all beings, whether from heaven or earth.  When we have wings, we are able to fly and to be free, with our souls, to move on the evolution path to wisdom. We belong to each other and server each other, and this is called brotherhood, the dawning of the next phase of evolution, heaven and earth.  It is the Magenta person, who often can sing and dance, an true artisan or "Artesian" a well where there is an internal pressure that flows water spontaneously like a fountain, often found with a small diameter and at great depth.  The very fountain of youth, that provides us with eternal knowledge. This is the center of the universe where all the lights of God show us the greatest light show of awe, the horizon at twilight.  It is the Native American who recognizes this person, to be the graceful teacher, who teaches the sacred dance of song with movement, that unites the realms of heaven and earth, to all the tribe or community of the village, the Great Caretaker of Oneness.
cw: Song of the Image - Here I see the cup of God, where all is draining to(wards) down below a river that slides down as time rolls by, the song of glory to know.  I come to show the world of suns, the place of God that is foretold, but you must listen to understand, the glory of Oneness stands.  I hold my cup up to bring good cheer, the guidance of love everywhere, and I can be a part of this world, when I claim the throne of brotherhood.  The knight who judges goodness abounds, and where the sound of the trumpet expounds, I call upon the knight who fights, for love, all around this land.  Come tither, come fortune to everyone.  Come rescue the holy sacred ground, and we will be bound to be in good cheer, when we remember the soul, of the eternal years.  I am the brother who protects the soul, the sister, who always knows the law, the love of goodness, the love of great, when we choose, to seek with an embrace.  Even if we don't want to look at their hands, we must always try to be the perfect grace, the warrior who protects the stolid place, the Great Glory of God's perfect face.

cw:  Interpretation of the image - The line that goes from east to west represents the horizon, where all the lights travel across between the realms. The three lines, that merge from the top, to fold together to form a cup, are the three colors, red (flesh), blue (soul), and yellow (sun, unified to rise up to become the star of white light in heaven).  Visit whitebuffalocalfwoman.net, to understand the colored roads. These colors of all light merge together to form all colors of the universe, and collide, to create the cup of life, the pool of wisdom we create good cheer and sacred celebration, when we learn to co-mingle to be Oneness, the image of God, the "I am".  The true warriors of brotherhood, the Rainbow Warrior, who stands on the rules of law, the law of love upon the Red Road, the flesh or tools of lights, the sacred journey.  Once we merge to understand wisdom, we then are able to separate, to take our places as independent and true warriors who take their place, each having a job to serve the Oneness of God. This the meaning of the three lights of separation at the bottom of the image.  We are all meant to have purpose, to be part of the whole, like the hand is part of our flesh bodies, but most importantly, our flesh of light, contain the eternal soul, where knowledge serves us to be the Greatest Image, the Image of God.  We are all perfect and belong to the whole of Oneness, but as a snowflake is different, each one, all snowflakes are perfectly six sided.  This is the form of the crystalline form, the place where God is housed in the lights that contain the darkness.  Earth too is the sacred container of God, we must treasure and cherish this body of lights, as our Rainbow bows down to show us the treasure at the end of the Rainbow, the Golden pot, where all is abundant, for all.  Let us be the gift, we were meant to be, to recognize our unique, but part of a whole and to be the sacred Rainbow Warrior who stands upright for what is right, in the law of love, over rolling hills of time, we come home to be treasures, each and everyone!

ww: As always, Blessings on you.
White Willow 

cw: And as always, our wonderful vision of our Magenta brother shows us the perfect journey each of us journey.  Let us bless, the sacred crystalline stone river, that flows upon the waves of light, heaven and earth.  Thank you Keith White Willow, for sharing this story of magic with all our relatives.

Your devoted servant, 
White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw), your Twin Deer Mother
Elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org prophecy of rainbow warriors

Warriors of the Earth  

I bless you when you go. I bless you when you arrive. I bless your sacred feet. I bless the sacred sky. I bless the day of dawn. I bless the sacred night. I bless the way you walk, in skips of love you bind. I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. I bless the will of God, that you have been sent home this time! Inspired by White Willow Who Trumpets the Sound, we are going home!

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